Saratoga CRM

Saratoga CRM is a full-featured solution designed to meet the needs of the world’s largest enterprises and fastest-growing companies. It streamlines, automates and transforms sales, marketing, and customer support processes for even the most complex, global and multilingual organizations.

Hundreds of the world’s top companies have chosen Saratoga CRM’s large enterprise CRM for its ability to deploy quickly, integrate smoothly with other enterprise systems, and deliver significant business value with freedom and flexibility. Mid-size companies on the way up also love Saratoga because it’s lean, scalable, and affordable to own and manage.

Unique Architecture Tailored to You

While virtually every CRM solution on the market today requires the customer to adapt their processes to conform to the system, Saratoga CRM is built on a fundamentally unique architecture that enables the CRM adapt to your procedures and processes, not the other way around.

You can change screens and the presentation of data as well as the back-end database structures that define and enable more effective processes. Even major changes can be made without programming, and without your IT department.

Even better, Saratoga CRM features clean, attractive application screens that are rich with information, and so intuitive your people will learn how to use them the very first day. Imagine that!

Reporting & Analytics

Saratoga CRM’s powerful reporting and analytical tools give executives and field staff the information and insight they need to spot trends, opportunities and problems early, and track them as they get resolved. And, like the rest of our system, our library of powerful standardized reports and processes is fully customizable – without programming.

Who Else Thinks So?

Citigroup, Office Depot, Canon, Blue Cross, MetLife and hundreds of other leading companies have built stronger customer relationships and more agile organizations powered by Saratoga CRM’s large enterprise CRM.

With recent changes in the CRM landscape, there’s never been a better time to re-evaluate your CRM strategy and consider a solution like Saratoga CRM that can cut your costs, streamline your customer-facing business processes, and give you back your IT freedom – all without compromising form, function or ease of implementation.

Apresta™ Wireless Mobility

Wireless connectivity is not unique in today’s world, but Saratoga’s Apresta™ wireless solution definitely is. Apresta makes all your CRM data – including inventories, shipping schedules and other valuable enterprise data stored in SAP, Oracle and other applications – accessible via BlackBerry and other handheld devices in a form that’s rich, useful and secure. And, of course, Saratoga CRM is also accessible via your company’s network and the Internet.

MarketFirst Marketing Automation

Customers choose MarketFirst marketing automation solutions to develop sophisticated, methodical marketing processes and executive campaigns that help them better understand their prospects and customers and produce meaningful results, maximizing their investment with support from our Legacy Application consulting team.

By profiling each contact and targeting them with highly personalized and relevant messages, marketers can generate a continuous flow of qualified leads for their sales team. With MarketFirst, marketers can optimize their campaigns across multiple channels — email, direct mail, the web, SMS, and more—and collaborate better with the sales team through a common understanding of lead quality.

Meet Your Unique Requirements


Use conditional text and graphics to create highly relevant messages.


Segment lists according to multiple, meaningful parameters.


Create campaigns that increase in relevance based on previous responses.


Time communications with targets’ actions using event-triggered campaigns.


Measure ROI; track campaign performance and adjust in real time.

Deliver the Business Results You Need

Marketing Effectiveness

Increase Marketing Effectiveness | Learn from customer responses to marketing campaigns across multiple channels to optimize every interaction. Keep track of more prospects and customers, as well as their preferences, with fewer resources.


Leverage Powerful Marketing Automation | Develop highly personalized, multi-touch lead generation and nurturing programs, cross-sell and up-sell programs, renewal campaigns, and more. Automate lead scoring and distribution, and completely automate event management.

Lead Conversion

Increase Lead Conversion Rates | Built-in business rules enable marketers to nurture prospects, assign further qualification, or instantly pass hot leads to the appropriate sales representative for quick follow-up, increasing the chance of successful lead conversion.


Align Marketing & Sales | Build effective processes for developing, qualifying, nurturing, and distributing leads to accelerate your sales process. Integrate marketing programs and CRM systems into a closed-loop process that provides a continuous flow of qualified leads to your sales team.


Gain Immediate Visibility into Campaign Effectiveness | Track campaign results with real-time reporting. Identify what’s working and optimize the marketing mix to grow your acquisition rate and customer value.


Ensure Brand Consistency | Execute campaigns in all major languages worldwide, while managing templates centrally to ensure brand consistency and compliance with standards and privacy rules.

Acquire Complete Functionality

Segmentation and profiling
List management
Campaign management
Campaign execution
Event management
Literature fulfillment
Multi-channel marketing
CRM and SFA integration
Real-Time ROI calculation and analysis
Customer preference tracking
Collaborative action plans
Multi-lingual capabilities (Unicode-compliant)
Lead qualification, distribution, tracking, nurturing