Marketo Marketing Automation

Marketo: Easy, Powerful, Complete

As an Agency Partner, Tokara brings clients all the benefits of the software Gartner describes as having “an easy leaning curve for marketing professionals and short time to productivity.”
We provide a full range of professional services around the Marketo platform, including our Pivotal Connector for Marketo.
 Pivotal Connector for Marketo (Brochure)


Marketo’s email marketing software makes reaching out to customers and connecting with prospects easier than ever. Email design is done using a drag-and-drop interface, meaning no knowledge of HTML or other computer languages is needed. Drop in images, forms, polls, social share tools and more. Target emails to a specific audience by choosing groups from your current database. Retain control over your campaigns with A/B testing and lead performance reports. Triggered and targeted emails will maximize your open rate and click-through rate, helping you convert more prospects into paying customers.


With Marketo, you can automate your marketing to build the most effective marketing campaigns for your business. Marketo’s marketing automation technologies include instant CRM integration, data cleanup, lead scoring, email marketing and event marketing software. Every stage of your campaign is carefully tracked to create a score for each of your prospects, allowing your sales team to follow up with the most promising leads first. As your marketing efforts develop and grow, so can your campaigns. Marketo offers both simple marketing campaigns for those getting started and multi-layer campaigns for growing businesses.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the future of how customers will find and relate to your business. Marketo gives you the tools needed to engage customers and prospects with an informative and interesting inbound marketing campaign. With just a few clicks, create a simple landing page using Marketo’s drag-and-drop interface. Integrate search marketing using targeted keywords and effective ad copy. Add social marketing applications to your campaigns to reach the highest number of future customers. Track clicks to your website and stay focused on the marketing solutions that generate the most revenue.

Landing Pages

Convert prospects to paying customers by creating simple landing pages using Marketo’s drag-and-drop feature. Customize landing pages without using HTML and with no technical expertise. Pull images and videos from your current CMS and drop in social marketing applications, forms and polls for more engaging pages. Take advantage of Marketo’s search marketing features to add the most effective keywords to your content. Draw in prospects and track results with ease. Marketo’s A/B testing, lead performance results and protection from broken links as pages are moved equal a hassle-free, results-oriented experience for you.

Social Integration

Maximize your reach across the web with Marketo’s social integration features. Add social components to your website, landing pages, email campaigns and Facebook pages. Features include share buttons, social form fill, video share, referrals, sweepstakes and Facebook publishing. Marketo helps you track the social activity of your prospects and compiles the collected data with lead scoring. These scores help your sales team turn prospects connecting through social features into loyal customers for your business.

Event Marketing

No matter what type of event your business is hosting—webinars, company events, trade shows—organization, promotion and smart follow up with prospects are all equally important to help make your event a success. All of these areas are covered with Marketo’s event marketing software. Easily create and send personalized invitations and automatic reminders before your event. Use Marketo’s iPad app for easy check-in of your guests and to capture information for attendees, making it easier than ever for your sales team to analyze the collected data and follow up with those most likely to buy.

Website Monitoring

Website monitoring with Marketo is a highly effective marketing tool that helps your sales team prioritize leads and contact those prospects who are most likely to buy now or in the future. Rather than simply tracking averages and traffic patterns, Marketo takes website monitoring to the next level, tracking each individual visitor to your site. Data collected includes the visitor’s company, country and zip code, referrer data like pay-per-click, browser information, IP address and any custom parameters in the URL. This information is integrated with your current CMS for maximum effectiveness in terms of lead generation and scoring.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is one of Marketo’s most effective marketing automation features. Each prospect who connects with your business is assigned a score based on their presumed education about your products and services and willingness to buy. Positive and negative scores are generated using unlimited characteristics, including the prospect’s demographics, the judgment of the sales representative who contacted the prospect and any behaviors so far, such as clicking through to your website or visiting the price page. This score informs your sales team about which prospects should be contacted first and which may need more time or education.

Sales Intelligence

The most important function of your business is closing sales. Marketo makes this easier than ever with the unique sales intelligence system. Specially designed applications for and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, paired with a simple sales dashboard, show your sales team which leads are most likely to generate sales. Features include automatic data updates every five minutes, a “Best Bets” page that highlights the most promising leads, “Stars” and “Flames” that show the quality and urgency of leads, behavior tracking technology to display which customer activities represent the most interest in buying and much more.

Lead Management

Marketo’s lead management software allows you to manage every aspect of your marketing campaigns, including emails, inbound marketing efforts, social marketing applications and event marketing, and it seamlessly integrates with your current CRM. Track the process of lead generation, lead nurturing and lead scoring for each prospect to ensure your sales team is contacting the most promising leads first, resulting in more revenue for your business. Round it all out with marketing reports and analytics, which help you customize your marketing campaigns to reach a more targeted audience and increase sales.


Marketo Financial Management allows for hassle-free, efficient budgeting across multiple business levels, providing accurate forecasting, simple budget reallocation and an effective spending plan. With this software, you can track current and future spending, manage invoices and purchase orders, organize investments, assign access rights and more. The familiar spreadsheet style makes viewing current totals and future scenarios fast and easy. Connect your budget to your marketing efforts by tracking dollars spent versus dollars earned, and gain the confidence to make the right financial decisions for your business.


Compiling and tracking data can be a frustrating and confusing process if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. Marketo provides you with innovative marketing analytics and reporting tools that follow each prospect from initial contact to close of sale, as well as analyze the results of your marketing campaigns. Reports can be sent monthly, weekly or daily, depending on the needs of your business, and provide you with campaign results, insightful analyzers and a revenue modeling feature, which shows the full workflow of your sales and marketing efforts.