Pivotal 6 CRM Upgrade Services

Where Form Meets Function

At Tokara Solutions, we provide the full range of Pivotal support and consulting services our clients need. But for clients moving to the latest version of the Pivotal CRM platform and applications, the best-in-class functionality and ‘look & feel’ mean it delivers tangible results.

Lower TCO, with Higher Productivity

In the field, we see firsthand that Pivotal 6 upgrades involve an exceptionally low total cost of ownership (TCO), while also ensuring clients experience quick and efficient customization, integration, and deployment of solutions that match their current and evolving business needs. Whether they choose to implement one module at a time or the entire suite, they achieve immediate benefits in functionality, usability, and administration that are game-changers for productivity and bottom-line business results. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of new features offered on the latest platform or to move up from an old software version to stay current with support, it’s time to consider how new technology can better deliver the results you need. Our experienced upgrade team will ensure the process is both simple and painless for you.

Intuitive Interface, Superior Look & Feel

Created in Visual Studio, everything about the look and feel of Pivotal 6 is designed with the user in mind. The interface is intuitive, aesthetically appealing, and truly ‘friendly’ – engaging users to the point that this application becomes their central workspace. From the streamlined navigation to feature-rich task bars, they immediately have access to everything they need to do their jobs in one centralized, well-organized place.

Seamless Integration & Functionality

Just one of the ways a Pivotal 6 CRM upgrade focuses on user productivity becomes immediately clear in feature/function enhancements like the seamless integration between Outlook and Pivotal 6. So if your end users spend most of their days in these systems, it’s not only easier for them to work in these applications that are now so intuitively and comprehensively integrated, but it also saves them critical time and ensures every piece of relevant data is saved and available everywhere it needs to be.

Rich Feature Set, Custom-Fit for Users

A Pivotal 6 CRM upgrade dramatically raises the bar in ‘out-of-the-box’ features that fit users like a glove. One such enhancement is its set of dashboards that centralize and intuitively present critical data based on a user‘s profile, or job function. As just one example, Sales Dashboards provide specific portals displaying critical information in different types of graph types as well as in lists. Another prominent feature enhancement is Territory Management, which now enables organizations to implement complex territory rules in their Pivotal 6 CRM system using intuitive and easy-to-understand configuration screens, eliminating the need for coding or customizing territory management rules.

North America’s Top Pivotal Consultants

When making the leap from old to new, a huge consideration is the impact the change will have on your current technology: What will it take to make a successful upgrade? What will happen to your customizations and integration points? What will the impact on users be? Our Pivotal CRM consulting team has the answers for you. The head of Tokara’s upgrade team has delivered 200+ CRM upgrades over the course of his career, working closely with each customer to understand specific upgrade objectives and create upgrade plans that fit budget and goals. You’re in good hands.

Easier, More Flexible Development

Written in C#, Pivotal 6 CRM also provides greater ease of use and flexibility for those scenarios where development work is required – a win for everyone.