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As the recognized leader in CRM for homebuilding for more than a decade, Pivotal UX delivers a business-essential CRM solution custom-built for the complexity and unique requirements of your industry.

The release of the fully mobile, endlessly flexible Pivotal UX CRM platform only adds to the revenue-generating tools your homebuilding business has available to it. Choose the only industry-specific solution that meets your complex needs while helping to integrate and manage your entire business—all while dramatically boosting your competitive advantage.

Whether you’re in the business of financing, building, selling, servicing, or managing homes or property, we deliver the systems and infrastructure you need to reduce costs, shorten sales cycles, increase productivity, and ensure long-term growth. With an industry-tailored CRM system, begin creating customers for life with a streamlined sales and marketing solution that engages your audience, builds trust and loyalty, and strengthens both profit and margins.

'Must-Have' Features
Spur Sales & Profit

With an award-winning cloud-based architecture designed to unite Pivotal's traditional powerhouse CRM engine with maximum flexibility and mobility, the Pivotal UX platform is the best of all worlds for homebuilding—an industry they began their stellar track record with more than a decade ago. Just a few of the 'must-have' features for homebuilders include:

  • Automated marketing
  • Lead capture, profiling, qualification, distribution, & lead nurturing
  • Marketing ROI tracking
  • Structured sales methodology
  • Quote & contract management
  • Service & warranty tracking
  • Home inspection management
  • Sales management
  • Financial calculator
  • Homebuyer surveying
  • Risk management
  • Fully mobile CRM

Custom-Built for
Customer Connection

With the ability to easily capture, analyze, and act on customer intelligence, homebuilders can aggregate and review information across the business, gathering actionable insights to guide effective decisionmaking and more easily adapt to a constantly-changing market. Imagine running your business with an industry-tailored CRM system that truly enables you to manage customer experience and sales within one centralized, fully- integrated system.

Pivotal Homebuilder CRM delivers fully-integrated, industry-specific capabilities that deepen insight into operational performance across your business, streamline and speed processes across the value chain, and radically improve responsiveness to complex, time-critical customers requirements.

Leverage Low-Cost Online Channels

Capitalize on the more than 70% of homebuyers using the web to search for homes by effectively attracting and capturing online leads.

Improve Lead Volume & Quality

Attract higher-volume, better-quality leads with fewer marketing resources using personalized, multi-wave e-marketing campaigns, online event management, and automated literature fulfillment.

Accelerate Follow Up

Ensure every lead is immediately delivered to the right agent or channel and consistently followed up on by automating marketing and lead management.

Speed the Sales Cycle

Shorten the sales cycle and lower the cost of sales by focusing efforts on prospects who are ready to buy.

Automate Sales Processes

Streamline the sales process and reduce administrative time with automated prospecting, configuration, quoting, financing, and contract management.

Boost Referrals

Increase repeat sales and customer referrals by improving communications and implementing ‘tell a friend’ programs.

Improve Customer Care

Engage prospects and customers in the channels they want, with the devices they want to use, at the time they want to engage. Ensure superior levels of responsiveness to customers that build relationship, trust, and loyalty—alongside sustainable revenue growth and profit.

Industry Focus Delivers Results.

Pivotal Homebuilder CRM from Tokara

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Fully optimized for mobile users, Pivotal UX brings all the CRM power you rely on directly to your fingertips for true 'anywhere, anytime' access to the data you need.

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There’s no question the Tokara team has solid expertise in Pivotal CRM – but the added component that makes working with them entirely different is that their expertise comes with a commitment to partner in whatever way is best for that client.

Ginelle DavidsonMIS Director, Kantar Retail

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