Pivotal CRM Performance
Health Check Services


Performance Health Check Basics

For clients who have already invested in Pivotal as a CRM powerhouse, it’s just good business sense to make sure your systems are operating at peak performance — not because it’s an interesting statistic, but because it affects the behaviors and success of every team member using those systems.
Peak performance efficiency means productive individuals and teams, which generally equates to profitable operations. You’ve already made the investment in your technology — make sure it’s providing you the highest possible return.

All about Optimization

One of the key components of Pivotal Performance Health Check services is optimization of your technologies. Our technical experts perform regular maintenance checks and fine tuning of your system to make sure you’re taking full advantage of all of your system’s capabilities, as well as making sure everything is running as efficiently as possible.

Low Risk, No Surprises

Along with all these benefits to your business, our Pivotal CRM consulting services provide the added bonus of making this a low-risk, fixed-fee service. We tell you the scope and cost of the project and ensure there are no hidden or unexpected costs. And the best part is you can expect to see real, tangible results almost immediately.

Three Areas of Focus

The Pivotal Performance Health Check has three primary areas of focus. First, we work to prevent problems within your system before they hinder the performance of your business. Second, we’re able to optimize your system’s performance once it’s up and running, and finally, our regular maintenance enables clients to seamlessly adapt to market changes and changes in their business environments.

Not only do these services boost the performance of your business, they can also reduce your total cost of ownership. And best of all, the complete analysis of your system and recommendations for how to proceed are completed in just five days.

Infrastructure Review

Our infrastructure review of your Pivotal system looks at all essential features, including your servers, network, and clients, along with your system’s configuration settings, performance, and operating procedures.

This review and subsequent optimization ensure that you benefit from the full investment you’ve made in your Pivotal system by providing troubleshooting, identification of risk areas, investigations into any problem areas, and detailed recommendations for how to improve your system. We’ll also provide education services and diagnostic tools for your team to conduct their own follow-up performance testing and analysis after we’re no longer on site.

A Critical Consideration: User Adoption

Beyond the actual functioning of the software, consider the variable that generally makes or breaks the success of any software implementation — user adoption.

Best performed every two years or so, our clients consistently tell us that the Pivotal Performance Health Check is the key to ongoing user experience, and (by extension) user adoption. It makes perfect sense — if a system is too slow in critical areas of functionality, internal teams develop workarounds or worse, just stop using the system entirely, regardless of how powerful that system might actually be or how much investment has been made in the technology.

Why You Should Care

What this effectively means is that the system optimization that results from having periodic health checks is about much more than improved statistics around performance for a system administrator. This optimization actually ensures that the whole team sees real day-to-day speed, efficiency, and enhancements in productivity.

So from sales to services to marketing — more is being done — faster and more easily. Business goals are being achieved as a result of a tangibly enhanced user experience, users are happy and satisfied, adoption is maximized, and the business’ return on its technology investment is guaranteed. Best of all, it really is that easy to accomplish.


There’s no question the Tokara team has solid expertise in Pivotal CRM – but the added component that makes working with them entirely different is that their expertise comes with a commitment to partner in whatever way is best for that client.

Ginelle Davidson, MIS Director, Kantar Retail

Tokara provided a huge level of effort working with my team to help us deliver our upgrade to the business on-time, ahead of their end of year business activities.

C. Pierce, Principal Financial Group

I have been extremely pleased with their quick response, quality service, and professionalism. These guys are super easy to work with and they really know their stuff. I strongly recommend Tokara Solutions.

Sandra Luckins, Harley-Davidson Financial Services