Pivotal Mobile CRM for iPad & iPhone

There’s no question that mobile technology and devices are changing the way we live and work. Pivotal Mobile CRM offers both extreme convenience along with functionality that often closely mirrors what can be done in an office on a desktop or laptop.

Customized Just for You

Using the Pivotal Toolkit, you can easily customize your Pivotal mobile solution — defining the form content, layout, navigation and business logic — all without publishing and distributing a custom application.

Device Forms

Pivotal Toolkit enables you to design and adjust any number of areas within the Pivotal CRM App, including Device Forms, which have an enormous impact on how critical data is displayed on a mobile device. Device Forms are used to design forms that are then displayed on the iPad or iPhone. You can adjust the layout of many elements to suit your needs as well as to make them collapsible for cases when users want to save precious real state on screen.

Mobile Dashboards

Mobile Dashboards can be used to display relevant and personalized information in an easy-to-read format that allows users to have quick access to Pivotal information. Pivotal’s Mobile Dashboard lets you use portal pages to display information that you need to access frequently from the Pivotal CRM database. A portal category defines the URLs, queries, and graphs that will be displayed on the user’s dashboard.

What’s in It for You?

Create, manage, delete, and search for Pivotal CRM information from your iPad or iPhone, which connects to the Pivotal Business Server through a wireless network connection.
View graphs and searches that display relevant and summarized CRM information that is most important to you.
Review your CRM information when no wireless connection is available, and when offline, you have read-only access to CRM information that you’ve previously viewed.
Customize the form content, layout, navigation, and business logic using Pivotal Toolkit.
Use the native features of the iPad/iPhone such as the built-in camera, phone, GPS, and other widely-used applications to create a rich and integrated experience within the Pivotal CRM application.

Your CRM on Your Favorite Devices

Now you can take your powerful Pivotal CRM system and go mobile, with quick and simple deployment to devices you already use and rely on. Forget about opening a laptop in the field — now your sales team can travel light with mobile devices and get the job done more quickly and easily than they ever imagined possible.