Best-of-Breed BI

Gone are the days of cumbersome, heavyweight business intelligence applications focused on delivering reports. Ask any member of Tokara’s QlikView consulting team about how this industry-leading application addresses the needs of today’s empowered CRM users who expect powerful, flexible, dynamic apps that are intuitive, easy to use, and produce meaningful business results.

The Evolving Landscape of BI

Innovating to meet user demands, QlikView has forever changed the face of traditional business intelligence and pioneered the next generation of ‘Data Discovery,’ or what Gartner calls ‘Business Discovery.’ This is an area they note continues to demonstrate accelerating momentum as business users demand the ability to interact directly and dynamically with data on their own terms. Tokara’s QlikView consultants bring the power of QlikView BI to CRM users.

Masters of the Magic Quadrant

Gartner continues to deem business discovery an area that will have increasing impact on businesses moving into the future. They also consistently place QlikView squarely in their Magic Quadrant of market leaders. But what do users think? QlikView has more than 27,000 customers in more than 100 countries who agree.

Empower Users with Insight

QlikView’s ‘self-service’ model for providing dynamic, relevant data and analysis to all users based on their unique business concerns means individuals are equipped and empowered to make educated decisions, and that insights, innovation, and productivity gains are seen throughout the organization.

Social & Collaborative for Connection

QlikView is built around the knowledge that today’s users understand the value of socializing their ideas, challenges, and information among the broader communities they’re a part of. They know that engaged collaboration yields not only superior decision making, but heightened productivity and greater overall business value. That’s why every aspect of the QlikView tool facilitates and reinforces this connection.

Business Discovery Goes Mobile

Designed for use with HTML5, QlikView provides relevant, dynamic, user-centric data via virtually any iOS or Android tablet device. Featuring an engaging, multi-touch interface and state-of-the-art visuals, Tokara’s QlikView consultants can bring the power and functionality of the desktop to mobile devices and delivers meaningful data and analysis to users no matter where they are. See what it means to your business when your team is as productive in the field as they are in the office.