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Streamline and Power Support

Salesforce Service Cloud sharpens your competitive advantage by providing a virtual collaboration space for experts to route, respond to and follow up with customer service requests in a fast-paced mobile environment.


Virtual Collaboration Spaces

Salesforce Service Cloud sharpens your competitive advantage by providing a virtual collaboration space for experts to route, respond to and follow up with customer service requests in a fast-paced mobile environment. Mitigate concerns and facilitate problem solving quicker, driving down case volume while boosting your customer satisfaction rate and driving repeat business, all with support you can trust from an expert Salesforce consultant.

Multi-Channel Support

Representatives can use Radian 6 for the Service Cloud to organize, track and manage social posts right within their existing Salesforce1 platform, integrating with Social Hub to prioritize requests based on post characteristics, such as specific words or number of social media followers, routing requests to appropriate team members best suited to respond. Service Cloud’s single console manages all cases, including online, phone, e-mail and web chat, allowing agents to respond to customers on the same channel as the original request without leaving the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful new tool for sales operations that combines the organizational power of traditional CRM with next-generation virtual resources, including custom applications and social media sites, that greatly extend your organization’s sales and collaboration capabilities. Click for details.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Created on the Salesforce1 Platform, Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud enables your marketers to build strong and meaningful customer relationships. Foster rich 1:1 customer and prospect interaction using email, social marketing, web, mobile, and pretty much any other marketing vehicle imaginable. Click for details.

Salesforce1 Platform

Salesforce1 Platform (also called enables the creation of both employee-facing and customer-facing applications, connecting your partners, employees, customers, and products quickly and effectively. Applications can be developed by adding custom functionality to the pre-built Salesforce1 Mobile App, or developers can utilize Mobile SDK, an open source suite of technologies, including REST API and OAuth 2.0, to create custom mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Click for details.

Mobile Access

With users relying on multiple channels to submit requests and post questions, it is as important as ever for your team to be readily available, branching outside the traditional customer service desk into the mobile environment. Whether in the field, at home, or in a meeting, agents can respond to issues, collaborate on solutions, update case statuses, review performance metrics, and schedule follow-up tasks directly from the Service Cloud application on their mobile device. With data accessible from CRM, custom and third-party applications available via the Salesforce App Exchange, service tools can be customized to best fit the needs of your organization, ensuring seamless integration into existing business models.

Cloud-Based Community

While Sales Cloud equips your agents to directly respond to customer requests, it can sometimes be helpful for users to connect and communicate with each other, drawing upon shared experiences to offer advice and troubleshooting support. To this end, the tool provides a searchable online database that combines support articles, such as product guides and corporate policy reviews, with a community chat forum.

The best answers that generate the greatest success are published into a library accessible for future reference. This knowledge base can be accessed from users’ desktop, mobile device or social media sites for instant access to a wealth of product and service knowledge. All unsolved issues are immediately routed to your team for a response, which can be posted inside the community for all users to see. Managers can develop premier communities for higher valued customers, where they can share tailored promotional deals, assign special concierge agents, and share industry trends.

Agent Console and Collaboration

Sales Cloud’s Agent Console provides a consolidated point of reference for all service requests, quickly providing the status of each, along with detailed customer information, including product history, billing information and contact data pulled from CRM.

When a call request comes in, this information is automatically displayed, so agents are ready to respond with solutions adapted to the user’s specific case. Requests can be escalated, and other agents can be directed for support, all from within the console, increasing your team’s productivity and providing managers a clear view of agent performance.

Flexible, Cloud-Based Architecture

Service Cloud’s virtual environment makes it an optimal choice for any call center, from small businesses to large enterprises. Cloud-based, it saves on costly customer support software, and its intuitive design means less time learning lengthy processes and more time interfacing directly with customers.

As your business grows, the solution can be adapted to meet your expanding needs—simply add more seats or upgrade to the next version, ensuring continuity of operation. Its drag-and-drop forms allow customization, with the option to create new applications specific to your organizational needs, increasing team flexibility and creativity.

Built upon the Salesforce1 platform, Service Cloud integrates customer support data directly with sales and marketing knowledge and metrics stored in CRM, providing a complete view of customer preferences, decisions and issues for total lifecycle management.

CRM Expertise

At Tokara, our consultants have experience with hundreds of CRM projects across a range of industries, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. Whatever your CRM project might entail, we're certain we have seasoned professionals to guide you to the results you need.


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Best Pivotal CRM Resources Worldwide

For nearly a decade, Tokara has been home to the finest and most highly skilled engineers, developers, and consultants from across the globe who focus on Pivotal CRM.


Specialized Team of Hybrid Salesforce/Pivotal CRM Engineers

Alongside its globally recognized Pivotal CRM engineers and consultants, Tokara fields top-tier Salesforce resources, as well as a select set of hybrid Pivotal/Salesforce engineers, developers, and consultants, whose expertise allows them to operate fluidly and effectively in and around either flavor of CRM.

Salesforce Platinum Partner Resources

We also have access to the resources of our sister company—Stratus360 U.S.—the American arm of Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner Stratus360, headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Tokara provided a huge level of effort working with my team to help us deliver our upgrade to the business on-time, ahead of their end of year business activities.

C. PiercePrincipal Financial Group

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Know Where to Start.

  CRM Evaluations

While most clients know precisely the outcomes their business needs to achieve, most are also less certain about the current state of their technology (functioning with their people and processes), or how to compare and evaluate potentially competing solutions with regard to ‘best fit’ for achieving the business results they’re looking for. That’s where we come in.

Think Big Picture.

  CRM Strategy & Planning

We know the best outcomes are achieved when clients are able to integrate and optimize the mix of people, processes, and technologies they’ve invested in to reach their unique business goals. That’s why the Tokara team works hand-in-hand with clients to define strategy that aligns their existing and new assets and priorities with the results they need to achieve.

Act as Trusted Advisor.

  CRM Consulting

At the center of every engagement is consulting. And because we partner with the leading ‘people-centric’ software companies (Salesforce, Marketo, QlikView, etc.), we are able to truly act as trusted advisors and honest brokers to our clients—designing the best solution using the best technologies for their unique requirements and use cases.

Have a Bias for Action.

  CRM Implementations

Implementation transforms strategy into business value. So whether our clients want to migrate from legacy software, implement a new technology from the ground up, or even buy themselves some time by bridging the gap between the old and new, our technical depth means the solution we implement will maximize their return on technology investment.

Make It Personal.

  CRM Customizations

We always start by ensuring clients can access all the standard functionality a technology offers, but when unique business requirements demand a bit of code tweaking to perfect the alignment between the client’s needs and what the technology delivers, our developers are available for any needed customizations.

Deliver Reinforcements.

  CRM Staffing

At the end of the day, customer enablement is why we’re here—and we know what the client needs is rarely ‘one size fits all.’ So whether they’d like us to transfer knowledge through on-site training of an individual or a team, or simply to put one or more of our own team members with specialized skills in place for a period of time, we’re ready to make it happen.

Accelerating our clients'
time to business value

We help our customers connect with their customers—harnessing CRM and related 'people-first' technologies to create the irresistible experiences that drive profit and growth.

There’s no question the Tokara team has solid expertise in Pivotal CRM – but the added component that makes working with them entirely different is that their expertise comes with a commitment to partner in whatever way is best for that client.

Ginelle DavidsonMIS Director, Kantar Retail

Rarest of relationships &
best of 'all-things-CRM'


Tokara Solutions & Stratus360—the Backstory

As the top Pivotal CRM consultancy worldwide for more than 7 consecutive years, Tokara Solutions was established in the U.S. in 2009, alongside its sister company, Stratus360—a Salesforce Platinum Partner, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Underscoring the depth and breadth of the relationship between these two industry-leading CRM consultancies, Tokara's president Shawn Grant also maintains ownership of Stratus360’s American presence—Stratus360 U.S.—giving Tokara unique access to Salesforce Platinum Partner resources.

Stratus360—Belle of the (Platinum) Salesforce Ball

Tokara’s 'sister company' Stratus360 operates at the very highest tier within Salesforce as a Platinum Consulting Partner. Stratus360’s engineers, developers, and consultants have passed the almost impossibly stringent requirements Salesforce demands of its partners at this level, leaving little question that this unique team is able to bring together the best of 'all-things-CRM' for its clients.

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