Salesforce Marketing Cloud

ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Basics

Improve win rate and encourage repeat business by integrating social media insight and analytics with detailed customer and project data, creating 1:1 relationships that foster brand loyalty and drive new sales. A powerful digital marketing resource, the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud is built on the Salesforce1 platform and integrates seamlessly with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, making it the first step in a robust virtual environment that spans the entire project lifecycle from capture to close.
Powerful analytical and tracking tools provide an inside look at your client base, including purchasing preferences and online activity, enabling your team to create custom marketing materials specifically directed to their personal and business needs, all with support you can trust from an expert Salesforce CRM consultant. Not only does the solution automate your marketing efforts, greatly reducing the time and resources needed for traditional paper or software-based campaigns, its cloud-based mobility means messages are delivered straight to prospects in real time, across any location or device. Multi-channel accessibility (e-mail, mobile, social and web) ensures no connection is missed and facilitates follow-up efforts.

From detailed calendars that track campaign progress and help stage long-term rollouts, to personalized dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute views of existing interactions, the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud provides the tools needed to bring your existing marketing materials into the virtual environment and create new campaigns directly mapped to customer interests.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful new tool for sales operations that combines the organizational power of traditional CRM with next-generation virtual resources, including custom applications and social media sites, that greatly extend your organization’s sales and collaboration capabilities. Click for details.

Salesforce1 Platform

Salesforce1 Platform (also called enables the creation of both employee-facing and customer-facing applications, connecting your partners, employees, customers, and products quickly and effectively. Applications can be developed by adding custom functionality to the pre-built Salesforce1 Mobile App, or developers can utilize Mobile SDK, an open source suite of technologies, including REST API and OAuth 2.0, to create custom mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Click for details.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud provides a virtual collaboration space that enables your customer service team to respond to requests for help and information at any time, from any location, across any channel. In our connected world, customers seek out and expect a timely response to their inquiries, and prompt service is vital to ensure customers are not only satisfied, but come back for more. Click for details.

Dynamic Web Solutions

The ExactTarget Marketing Cloud turns static websites into dynamic customer experiences by enabling your team to customize pages based on visitor preference. Using predictive analytical tools, you can observe users’ web behavior to build custom profiles that offer product suggestions, provide specialized discounts and send personalized follow-up e-mails. This approach ensures content is always relevant to every customer, and encourages a longer site visit time, increasing your web conversions and cross-sell/up-sell potential. The interactive dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of all active sites, including data on total visits, mobile visits, best performing pages, and average page time, so you’re always aware of the effects of your efforts, and understand where to improve.

Social Insights and Analytics

The ExactTarget Marketing Cloud utilizes the Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio to gain insight into your customers’ online actions while also providing a portal through which your agents can reach your client base across multiple channels. The platform’s interactive calendar lets you organize your efforts by brand, region or product, keeping teams aligned and up-to-date on all social accounts. Posts can be created with one click, designed to target specific audiences, with embedded trending content including RSS feeds, videos and photos. Then, the effectiveness and impact of your interaction can be researched by gauging its interactions and engagements (e.g., Facebook “likes”), all without leaving the virtual dashboard.

Mobile Engagement

The solution’s cloud-based mobility means that your marketing messages can be delivered and accessed on any enabled device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Now, your agents can respond faster to customer inquiries, with added capabilities including multiple post responses and expert routing through Facebook and Twitter. From responsive e-mail templates to SMS and MMS messages, campaigns can be sent directly to your on-the-go audience with greater visibility and interaction. Geolocation capabilities mean your team can send advertising promotions when a customer is within a specified distance of your location, and push notifications encourage users to revisit your applications when updates occur. Mobile interactions are centrally organized and managed for quick access to client feedback and activity.

Cross-Channel Support for 1:1 Relationships

With Journey Builder, you can create custom 1:1 marketing campaigns that follow customers on a staged route across multiple channels. Agents can plan and personalize every interaction through customized activity calendars that roll out communication based on specific timelines. Events, such as maintenance alerts or loyalty achievements, trigger messages across e-mail, mobile SMS, mobile push, and web/social placements, delivered incrementally as designed for a specified duration. User friendly drag-and-drop interfaces let you easily plan the layout of your campaign, and goals can be set to determine message efficiency and increase ROI.

Salesforce Integration

Not only does the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud work with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to provide a turnkey approach to project management, it is directly integrated into the Salesforce1 platform, enabling you to send messages to customers stored in your contacts list with just one click. From mass e-mail campaigns targeting a wide audience, to one-on-one interactions, Salesforce1 connects lead, contact and account data to provide a range of communication possibilities. The platform also features ExactTarget Analytics, where you can view click-through rates by campaign to give marketers valuable insights in real time, optimizing campaign performance for a stronger customer experience.