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CRM vs Marketing Automation: A Look at the Basics

By | CRM Consulting, Marketing Automation

While most of our readers are adept at distinguishing features and functionality of CRM and marketing automation platforms, we field enough questions about distinctions and overlap between the systems that we wanted to quickly revisit a very high-level look at the relative strengths and goals of the two technologies.

At the highest level, CRM was designed to aid customer-facing employees in strengthening and broadening existing customer relationships, consolidating all aspects of clients’ data in a central location, accessible to everyone within the organization who needed it and streamlining operations by reducing or eliminating redundant/unnecessary tasks and supporting more informed and effective decision-making by individuals interacting with customer accounts in such roles as sales, marketing, and customer service. Powered by its relational data infrastructure, the volume and range of data collected and made available in CRM systems enables massive improvements in organizations’ ability to assess and manage using metrics that had not previously been available. Read More