Marketing in the Digital Age: How Powerful Analytics and a Robust CRM Strategy Provide the Data You Need to Stand Out

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In 2012, Gartner Research predicted that by 2017, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) technology spend would eclipse that of even the Chief Information Officer (CIO), and recently confirmed that we’re right on track to meet this forecast. While marketing and IT have long worked together in some capacity to track campaign analytics and distribute digital collateral among other activities, today’s marketer is tethered to technology at a level never before seen in the field.

The impetus for this change? An empowered and discerning customer base that expects—demands—personalization at every brand touchpoint. Tasked not only with creating and disseminating brand materials—marketers are also expected to ensure those materials are relevant, personal, and appropriate for each recipient—an requirement that can only be met by leveraging technology to extract insights from the enormous amount of Big Data afforded across the Internet of Things (IoT). Read More

Tokara’s Pivotal UX Readiness Assessment Services Provide Step-by-Step Support for Optimized Upgrades

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At Tokara, we understand your CRM solution is an investment, and we’re dedicated to making sure your systems are working to their top potential every day, because we know how important it is to your teams and what they are able to accomplish. One of the ways we help keep you up and running is by helping you migrate to the latest platform available for your CRM software, so you’re always up-to-date, connected, and ready to respond when your employees and clients need you. Today, we’re taking a look at our Pivotal UX Readiness Assessment Services, and how we help our customers transition to the latest offering on the Pivotal platform, from initial assessment to deployment, and every step in between.

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Future-Focused: Web Content and Microsites Personalize the CRM Experience and Boost Customer Engagement

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Consumers today are not only more technically savvy than ever before, they’re also more discerning, seeking out in-depth information on a brand or product before making a purchase decision. In a marketplace driven by digital innovation, staying ahead of the competition means providing shoppers with access to such data, with personalization that appeals to both their individual emotional and rational interests.

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Future-Focused: CRM Systems Help Turn Big Data into Actionable Insights through Robust Analytics

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In last week’s post, we discussed the influx of customer information that’s now available in both online and offline environments thanks to innovation in social and mobile technology. Known as “Big Data,” this knowledge holds a powerful potential to transform operations, fueled by new technologies that make it easier than ever to derive powerful business intelligence insights through robust CRM analytics.

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Future-Focused: Trends for Data and Analytics Mean Deeper Business Insights and Intelligence

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There’s no denying that as technologies become smarter, communities become more connected and opportunities to collaborate become wider. Advancements in mobility, including social and wearable technologies, support an Internet of Things (IoT) that can exchange data at lightning speeds, providing not only a more convenient and accessible way to communicate, but also a rich store of data that can be tracked and analyzed to glean valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior.

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Future-Focused: Geolocation Apps Drive Customer Connectivity and Maximize Potential of Data Analytics

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Last week, we explored the evolving world of crm mobile technology, detailing some of the ways it’s being used to strengthen CRM efforts and bolster customer engagement across devices. As part of our “Future-Focused” blog series, today we’ll take a deeper look at one emerging sector, geolocation applications, and how organizations are using these tools to glean valuable customer insights while driving smarter and more direct campaigns.

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Future-Focused: Transforming Mobile Experiences with Wearable Devices and Geolocation Capabilities

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In last week’s post, we discussed how new technologies are transforming the CRM mobile landscape by affording organizations new opportunities to connect with clients and prospects across a variety of channels and devices. Continuing our “Future-Focused” blog series, today we’re taking a deeper look at the future of mobility, with a focus on designing high-impact user experiences across the customer journey, from browsing to buying.

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Future-Focused: Multi-Channel CRM Strategies Bring Dynamic Offline Experiences Online

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When designing any kind of high-impact consumer experience, creating a sense of discovery and participation is a critical consideration. In person, it’s relatively easy to engage the shopper’s senses—body language, sights, sounds, and even smells can be used to create a custom, personal environment. Yet, translating this energy into an online presence can be challenging as organizations attempt to capture the same types of interactions that will facilitate a streamlined purchasing experience and, at the same time, compel today’s fast-paced shopper to linger and learn more about a company’s products and services.

Today’s “Future Focused” blog posting looks at new multi-channel opportunities, and how companies can use widening mobile and digital platforms to boost—rather than diminish—their brand presence.Omnichannel CRM Trend Read More

Future Focused: Engaging Apps Boost CRM Personalization & Customization in 2015

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As developments in mobile and social technology continue to grow, the gap between organizations and their customers is shrinking. Now, it’s easier than ever to tap into the preferences and opinions of your audience and use that data to deliver smart, pointed messages crafted to appeal to their tastes and inclinations, increasing opportunities for shopper conversion and upsell. As we continue our blog series identifying CRM trends for 2015, today we’ll look at new ideas in crm customization and personalization, and how deeper customer insights can mean more effective—and lucrative—customer interactions.

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Future Focused: Customer Experience Leads Critical CRM Considerations for 2015

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As we kick off our new blog series on the top CRM trends identified for 2015, there’s no better place to start than the key consideration that influences all others—the customer experience. According to management consulting firm McKinsey, 70 percent of a customer’s buying experience is determined by how they feel they are treated, starting the moment they begin an interaction with your company. These interactions shape how customers view your brand and have a direct impact on future purchase decisions—and your bottom line.

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