New Salesforce ‘Files Connect’ Tool Brings SharePoint Files to the Cloud, Streamlining Data Sharing in Your CRM Environment

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From sales reports to presentation slide decks, your teams receive, process, organize, and store a plethora of information and documents throughout the day. Before long, their desktops, both physical and virtual, become cluttered. While always cumbersome, this issue becomes critical when employees need to share key data within their CRM system, often in time-sensitive circumstances.

Salesforce Files Connect Solves Logistic Issues with Attaching Files

While you may already be familiar with Salesforce Files, the tool that allows you to manually insert files into the CRM by copying and pasting, the new Files Connect tool makes it easier than ever to add and index files to your system—in an automated, user-friendly format that alleviates the headaches and time requirements associated with manual attachments. Read More

2014 Highlights from Salesforce: Customer-Focused Innovation and Development in CRM and Cloud Computing

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2014 Salesforce Highlights Focus on Customer Data

The closing of one year and the promise of a new one right around the corner makes the last week of December a prime time for reflection. Taking stock of the innovations and technologies that defined this year creates a fertile ground for discussing and brainstorming what’s next—whether that means fine-tuning existing applications, creating entirely new designs, or a little of both.

On October 13-16, Salesforce held its 12th annual Dreamforce event, a massive live and online conference that celebrated recent innovations in CRM and cloud computing technology, with a pointed look toward the future and new areas of focus that will help define 2015. A virtual “Best of Salesforce,” the event served as a prime backdrop for two major new product announcements: Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, the next generation of solutions for the Salesforce1 Platform, designed to make it easier than ever to capture, track, and review customer data and monitor team performance. Read More

Mobile Strategy Meets End User Expectation with Salesforce Mobile’s Innovative Development Tools

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Salesforce Mobile Strategy Checklist

In last week’s post, we discussed the surge in support for mobile innovation, and how digital technology can be used to strengthen and optimize CRM efforts, specifically within the Salesforce suite of applications. Yet, navigating the vast array of opportunity that defines this new landscape can often be the chief factor of concern for companies seeking to integrate mobile outreach into their existing marketing and contact management processes.

In fact, in an industry leading survey, Salesforce customers ranked mobile strategy as the top mobile challenge their organizations face. However, creating a mobile experience that meets user need and expectation while also facilitating business goals and positive outcomes doesn’t have to be daunting. It starts as all new initiatives do—with collaboration, organization and open communication around business aims and expectations. Read More

Salesforce Mobile Boosts CRM and Marketing Automation Effectiveness, Drives Customer and Prospect Engagement

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State of Salesforce: Increase in Mobile Investments

From push notifications to social media alerts and a myriad of opportunities in between, mobile marketing is here in a big way. It’s easier than ever now to find and engage prospects, store and manage contact data, and promote your business through the digital channels your audience prefers. In keeping with this trend, in November 2013, Salesforce released its Salesforce1 Mobile App, a social, mobile, and cloud customer platform designed to connect apps, employees, partners, products and devices across enterprises. While the organization has always sought to stay ahead of the curve through cutting-edge innovation, a recent surge in user adoption for mobile devices is revealing how Salesforce’s applications can be leveraged to transform CRM efforts into automated, streamlined tools for customer and program management. Read More