2014 Highlights from Salesforce: Customer-Focused Innovation and Development in CRM and Cloud Computing

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2014 Salesforce Highlights Focus on Customer Data

The closing of one year and the promise of a new one right around the corner makes the last week of December a prime time for reflection. Taking stock of the innovations and technologies that defined this year creates a fertile ground for discussing and brainstorming what’s next—whether that means fine-tuning existing applications, creating entirely new designs, or a little of both.

On October 13-16, Salesforce held its 12th annual Dreamforce event, a massive live and online conference that celebrated recent innovations in CRM and cloud computing technology, with a pointed look toward the future and new areas of focus that will help define 2015. A virtual “Best of Salesforce,” the event served as a prime backdrop for two major new product announcements: Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, the next generation of solutions for the Salesforce1 Platform, designed to make it easier than ever to capture, track, and review customer data and monitor team performance. Read More

Tokara’s Remote Application Management Solutions for Salesforce Boost Organizational Monitoring Efforts and Simplify System Administration

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Tokara's RAM Solutions Facilitate Administration and Support Functions

In last week’s post, we discussed Tokara’s Remote Application Management Solutions for Salesforce and how these services can help maximize CRM and marketing automation investments for both small and large-scale enterprises, specifically in organizational maintenance and integration management efforts. Today, we’re talking about two more ways this offering can be applied within your organization—in monitoring and administration capacities—and the operational benefits derived from both. Read More

Tokara’s Remote Application Management Solutions for Salesforce Facilitate Organizational Maintenance and Software Integration

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Chances are, you’re busy. Between balancing organizational demands and customer expectations, finding time to simply perform the work your role requires is a feat in itself. The software systems you rely on to keep your well-oiled operational machine going are certainly critical, but at the end of the day, their ongoing management can easily stretch your IT resources thin and take time and focus away from core business activities.

That’s where Tokara Solutions comes in—our new Remote Application Management Solutions for Salesforce let you outsource your CRM, marketing automation, and database administration efforts in their entirety, boosting ROI and maximizing software investments while decreasing the costs, headaches, and risks associated with traditional application management. With comprehensive software knowledge and vast industry experience, our team of experts knows all aspects of the business, so your operations can run easier and faster, without the added stress of balancing and maintaining the applications internally. Today’s post focuses on two key aspects of our services – organizational maintenance and integration management – both which serve to boost software effectiveness and take the onus off IT to keep the systems up and running. Read More

Data that Delivers: Creating a Clean Data Strategy Centered on Robust Predictive Analysis and CRM Engagement

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In last week’s post, we discussed the importance of leveraging business intelligence/analytics (BI/BA) tools to extract quality client data that can be used to drive stronger customer engagement and boost brand loyalty and identity. As organizations seek to increase their analytical investments in the upcoming year, many may be wondering how to integrate such processes into their existing CRM systems. The good news is the tools you already have in place to store and manage customer data can easily be customized to align with BI/BA insights. To maximize your investments in both CRM and BI/BA resources, the key is to maintain a centralized, focused data strategy centered on clean, actionable data—information that can be directly applied to your business goals and is free of conflicting, misinterpreted or unusable statistics.

Clean Data Strategies Center on Predicative Analysis Read More

Data Drives the Enterprise: Investments in Analytics Lead to Richer Digital Experiences

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The rise of the digital age means it’s easier than ever now for organizations to find, engage, and stay connected with prospects and customers. Across a myriad of channels and on a vast variety of devices, companies are now allowed an inside look into the shopping preferences, online activities, buying patterns, and social interactions of their client base. Today’s post focuses on the importance of using Business Intelligence/Business Analytics (BI/BIA) tools to capture and analyze quality data from such interactions, leading to actionable insights and useful process changes that drive business outcomes aligned with organizational goals.

Analytical Tools Drive CRM Investments Read More

Tokara Provides Innovative Salesforce Integration for Leading Fine Arts Retailer

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A steadfast commitment to client success, partnered with an unparalleled level of industry expertise, makes Tokara Solutions a trusted, leading partner for Salesforce CRM integration. With engineers boasting a background of 10-15 years experience, customers turn to Tokara’s seasoned and skilled experts to develop custom solutions that demonstrate the immense value, cost savings and operational efficiencies that can result when a true partnership model is implemented. The team recently had the opportunity to develop a personalized Salesforce integration for M.S. Rau Antiques, a fine arts, jewelry and antiques gallery and consultancy known not only in Louisiana’s French Quarter, where it has been a prominent fixture for more than 100 years, but worldwide, sought globally for its remarkable collections and incomparably knowledgeable sales staff.

Client Testimonial for Salesforce Integration Read More

Mobile Strategy Meets End User Expectation with Salesforce Mobile’s Innovative Development Tools

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Salesforce Mobile Strategy Checklist

In last week’s post, we discussed the surge in support for mobile innovation, and how digital technology can be used to strengthen and optimize CRM efforts, specifically within the Salesforce suite of applications. Yet, navigating the vast array of opportunity that defines this new landscape can often be the chief factor of concern for companies seeking to integrate mobile outreach into their existing marketing and contact management processes.

In fact, in an industry leading survey, Salesforce customers ranked mobile strategy as the top mobile challenge their organizations face. However, creating a mobile experience that meets user need and expectation while also facilitating business goals and positive outcomes doesn’t have to be daunting. It starts as all new initiatives do—with collaboration, organization and open communication around business aims and expectations. Read More

Salesforce Mobile Boosts CRM and Marketing Automation Effectiveness, Drives Customer and Prospect Engagement

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State of Salesforce: Increase in Mobile Investments

From push notifications to social media alerts and a myriad of opportunities in between, mobile marketing is here in a big way. It’s easier than ever now to find and engage prospects, store and manage contact data, and promote your business through the digital channels your audience prefers. In keeping with this trend, in November 2013, Salesforce released its Salesforce1 Mobile App, a social, mobile, and cloud customer platform designed to connect apps, employees, partners, products and devices across enterprises. While the organization has always sought to stay ahead of the curve through cutting-edge innovation, a recent surge in user adoption for mobile devices is revealing how Salesforce’s applications can be leveraged to transform CRM efforts into automated, streamlined tools for customer and program management. Read More

Hosted Salesforce Integration Maintains and Streamlines Existing Practices for Enhanced Functionality

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Tokara's Hosted Salesforce Integration Streamlines Existing Practices

As noted in last week’s posting, Tokara’s new Hosted Salesforce Integration Services take the guesswork out of deploying your new CRM solution. Not only do we take care of the advanced programming and development required to fully implement the solution into your business environment, our services allow your teams to maintain their existing practices and consolidate disparate operations across your organization into a single, cloud-based location within Salesforce, so any employee, from purchasing to marketing, can access department-specific data from any location, at any time.

Our seasoned, certified Salesforce engineers and developers use Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), an enterprise-level data integration and transformation platform, to drive the integration processes. They use SSIS to write source components that connect to custom data sources, then supply information from these sources to other components in a data flow task, consolidating functions for simplified control. The result is an all-in-one application that merges the new and innovative features of CRM with your trusted best practices, because there are more than likely some procedures you want to continue even after the jump to Salesforce is complete. Read More

Hosted Salesforce Integration Services Seamlessly Integrate CRM Functionality into Existing Business Processes

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Tokara's Hosted Salesforce Integration Services Integrate CRM Functionality into Existing Practices

Making the transition to a new Salesforce CRM implementation is a journey—one that begins with the decision to purchase and implement the robust solution into your team’s daily activities. But whether you’re implementing Salesforce as part of a total process makeover for your organization, or to complement existing processes and workflows, full integration can be a complex and potentially costly undertaking.

More often than not, we see customers going to Salesforce to augment, rather than completely replace, their existing business software and applications, which allows them to continue working in the same familiar and proven environments their teams already thrive in, while also enjoying the newly added Salesforce CRM benefits of dramatically increased visibility, enhanced organization and workflows, and accelerated virtual collaboration. To achieve these goals, it is critical that full Salesforce integration take place in a way that allows the merging of new capabilities with your current data and operations, providing the best of both worlds without sacrificing usability or functionality. Read More