CRM Solutions

Tokara offers a wide range of CRM solutions to address your needs across the entire project lifecycle. We have experience with hundreds of CRM projects large and small across industries, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. We are certified partners with the industry’s leading applications providers, and can deliver turnkey services from proof-of-concept to training, support, and systems maintenance. Browse the links below for summaries of the industry-leading CRM applications we support or visit the individual CRM application pages for full descriptions.

Salesforce CRM

As an implementer and developer for, Tokara Solutions helps you maximize the value of your solution within a matter of a few weeks. Details on Salesforce CRM Solutions.

Pivotal CRM

Considered one of the most specialized Premier Pivotal CRM consultant teams worldwide, we’ve provided expert Pivotal CRM consulting services for 10+ years working on 300+ global Pivotal CRM projects. Details on Pivotal CRM Solutions.

Saratoga CRM

As a CDC Software Premier Partner, we help clients define, implement and support their Saratoga CRM solution, combining market-leading strategies, information, processes and people. Details on Saratoga CRM Services.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Gone are the days of cumbersome, heavyweight business intelligence applications focused on delivering reports. Today’s empowered CRM users expect powerful, flexible, dynamic apps that are intuitive, easy to use, and produce meaningful business results, and that’s precisely what we deliver. Details on Business Intelligence Solutions.

Remote Application Management Solutions

Managing the day-to-day complexities of business-critical software systems can place a burden on already strained internal IT resources. That’s where we come in.

Our Application Management Solutions enable you to outsource all your CRM and marketing automation application and database administration tasks. We work remotely, taking care of ongoing administration such as installation, configuration, upgrades, and day-to-day troubleshooting. Details on Remote Application Management Solutions.

Marketing Automation Solutions

Get your campaigns off the ground quickly and effectively with Tokara’s expert marketing automation solutions. From online and mobile campaign design, to platform automation and execution, to training and support, we tackle the complex, leaving you free to focus on strategy, content and creative. Browse the links below for summaries of the platforms we support or visit the individual application pages on Marketo, MarketFirst, and Pivotal for details.

Marketo Marketing Automation

As an Agency Partner, Tokara brings clients all the benefits of the software Gartner describes as having “an easy leaning curve for marketing professionals and short time to productivity.” Details on Marketo Marketing Automation Services.

Pivotal Marketing Automation

The Pivotal CRM solution contains robust marketing automation and lead management that enables marketers to conduct even the most complex multi-channel marketing campaigns. Profile customers and prospects, target each with a highly personalized and relevant message, deliver the message at the right time via the right channel, and ensure consistent and effective follow-up.

MarketFirst Marketing Automation

MarketFirst is an industry-leading integrated marketing automation platform for creating, automating, and measuring effective marketing programs so you can profile prospects/customers, segment lists according to meaningful criteria, follow up on campaign responses, easily deliver “hot” prospects to the sales team, and effectively nurture cooler leads into sales opportunities.

Customer Experience Management Solutions

Access all the customer experience management functionality you need, completely integrated with your existing CRM system. We connect these technologies in your organization in a way that lets you maximize your sales and marketing efforts using powerful tools that are easy to use and help you engage customers effectively to achieve tangible business results. Details on Customer Experience Management Solutions.

Managed Private Cloud Solutions

Our Managed Private Cloud Solutions mean your business can have its own private cloud solution – set up, managed, and maintained by Tokara’s trained IT staff. Our services simplify access to applications, and reduce the day-to-day mundane IT tasks required to keep your application running, giving you more time to focus on managing your business, not technology infrastructure. Our hosting solution moves your hardware and application infrastructures offsite onto dedicated hosted servers running in a cloud environment. Details on Managed Private Cloud Solutions.