Marketing Automation Platforms

We have extensive experience integrating marketing automation and CRM systems across a range of industries, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. Browse the links below for summaries of the platforms we support or visit individual application pages.

Marketo Marketing Automation

Marketo marketing automation leads the way in the industry, ranked consecutively in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Lead Management, with Gartner heralding Marketo’s “easy leaning curve for marketing professionals and short time to productivity.” Marketo marketing automation uniquely provides easy-to-use, powerful and complete marketing software that propels fast-growing small companies and global enterprises alike. Details on Marketo Marketing Automation.

Pivotal Marketing Automation

The Pivotal 6 CRM solution contains robust marketing automation and lead management that enables marketers to conduct even the most complex multi-channel marketing campaigns. Profile customers and prospects, target each with a highly personalized and relevant message, deliver the message at the right time via the right channel, and ensure consistent and effective follow-up.

MarketFirst Marketing Automation

MarketFirst is an industry-leading integrated marketing automation platform for creating, automating, and measuring effective marketing programs so you can profile prospects/customers, segment lists according to meaningful criteria, follow up on campaign responses, easily deliver ‘hot’ prospects to the sales team, and effectively nurture cooler leads into sales opportunities. Details on MarketFirst Marketing Automation.

Why Partner with Tokara?

With our ongoing focus on delivering our clients business results, our consultants have more expertise than anyone in the market, averaging 10+ years of experience in marketing automation for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, whether for justifying the adoption of marketing automation, efficiency assessments, planning, installation, training, campaign design, development, execution, performance reporting, staff augmentation, or integration with CRM, ERP, or other applications.

Marketing Automation Strategy Review | If you’re considering upgrading to a new version of your marketing automation or CRM application, it’s also a perfect time to evaluate your current applications and how well they’re meeting your overall marketing strategy needs. Our Strategy Review sessions ensure you’re current with software, and technology, and organizational change. When we engage for a Strategy Review, we visit you onsite to show you in person the latest version of your application, make sure you’re aware of new features and technology, and evaluate your current applications and plans. As in every customer interaction, our mission is to ensure you’re getting the business results you need — in this case, by creating a Marketing Automation Strategy & Technology Plan that ensures your technology solutions deliver maximum results over the long term.

Marketing Automation Project Management | Whether you engage us for a Marketo marketing automation project, or an MA project with one of our other partners, we deliver tangible business results that have one thing in common: effective leadership and organization. Our experienced project managers (PM) are marketing automation and CRM consulting experts and can take care of all your project details, including resources, budget, schedules, tasks, and milestone monitoring. When you engage a Tokara PM for your next marketing automation project, potential issues and complexities are identified early, risk is mitigated, and your project stays on time and on budget. How do we know marketing automation Project Management will deliver the business results you need? We require every PM on our team to have an extraordinary number of successful projects under their belts in a range of industries before we even hire them. So whether you’re in financial services, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, utilities, or a range of other verticals, we bring your business a marketing automation Project Manager who knows the technology and your industry inside and out.

Marketing Automation Implementation Services | If you need to be up and running with your custom-fit business application as quickly, cost effectively, and smoothly as possible, our Marketing Automation Implementation Services Program is perfect for you. Our depth of Marketo Marketing Automation expertise (as well as our experience with other MA applications) means we’ve developed proven techniques for breaking down implementation projects into phases, with pre-defined processes and customization options to choose from. Whether you’re implementing a complete sales, marketing, or service solution, or wanting to take a step-wise approach, we deliver an implementation course that’s right for your unique requirements. Our Marketo Marketing Automation implementation consultants draw on a proven methodology based on hundreds of successful implementations. We’ll work closely with you to identify your critical first steps and support you through an implementation course that fits your business.

Marketing Automation Integration Services | We know Marketo Marketing Automation. We also know marketing automation systems deliver exponentially greater business value when they’re integrated with your other business software, such as financial and accounting packages, mobile applications, and/or other front and back office systems. Our team of marketing automation integration consultants works with standard enterprise application integration and middleware tools to build each of our customers the system-to-system integrations required to keep their information flowing and accessible when and where it’s needed.

Marketing Automation Customization Services | It’s our experience that marketing automation systems rarely fit your business directly out-of-the-box. So whether you’re customizing your system for the first time, or ensuring your existing system is keeping step with changing business needs, our Marketing Automation Customization Services assess your current application and business processes and identify opportunities to adapt your applications to the unique requirements of your business so you see the results you need from your technology investment. Our expert customization consultants will provide the support you need to ensure your marketing automation systems are in step with your business, increasing efficiencies, effectiveness, and user satisfaction.

Marketing Automation Custom Reporting Services | With our depth of marketing automation expertise, we know push-button reporting doesn’t have to be a thing of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for reports with specific formatting or layout, calculations, graphics, or data elements from various sources, our cost-effective Marketing Automation Custom Reporting Services team can help. We have extensive experience developing custom reports for marketing automation solutions and understand how critical this is to bringing you the results you need from your marketing automation system. We have the skills and expertise to deliver the reporting you need, and to ensure you get it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

All-in-One Training | It’s one thing to ensure end-users are trained and productive; ensuring your internal application support resources have the advanced training they need to take care of these applications is quite another. Tokara has developed a unique advanced training program, bundling together the full breadth of training services required for both end-users and internal support staff, including system administration and customization support, to reduce costs, training time, and the hassle of scheduling multiple trainers.