CRM Solutions

CRM Solutions: Applications We Support

We have experience with hundreds of CRM projects across a range of industries, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. Browse the links below for summaries of the industry-leading CRM applications we support or visit the individual CRM application pages.

Salesforce CRM

As an implementer and developer for Salesforce, Tokara Solutions helps you maximize the value of your Salesforce solution within a matter of a few weeks. Details on Saleforce CRM.

Pivotal CRM

Considered one of the most specialized Premier Pivotal partners worldwide, we’ve provided expert Pivotal professional services for 10+ years working on 300+ global Pivotal projects. Details on Pivotal CRM.

Saratoga CRM

As a CDC Software Premier Partner, we help clients define, implement and support their Saratoga CRM solution, combining market-leading strategies, information, processes and people. Details on Saratoga CRM.

Why Partner with Tokara?

We’re certified partners with the industry’s leading application providers, and deliver turnkey services from proof-of-concept to training, support, and systems maintenance. But most of all, we’re fully focused on ensuring your CRM system delivers the business value you require.
So whether you’re looking for expertise in a traditional enterprise-class solution or a streamlined cloud-based model, we have what you need to realize tangible business results and maximize your CRM value.

CRM Consulting Services We Provide

CRM Strategy Review | If you’re considering upgrading to a new version of your CRM application, it’s also a perfect time to evaluate your current application and how well it’s meeting your overall CRM or marketing strategy needs. Our CRM Strategy Review sessions ensure you’re current with software, technology, and organizational change. When we engage for a CRM Strategy Review, we visit you onsite to show you in person the latest version of your application, make sure you’re aware of new features and technology, and evaluate your current CRM application and plans. As in every customer interaction, our mission is to ensure you’re getting the business results you need — in this case, by creating a CRM Strategy & Technology Plan that ensures your CRM solution delivers maximum results over the long term.
CRM Project Management | All projects that deliver tangible business results have one thing in common: effective leadership and organization. Our experienced project managers (PM) are CRM experts and can take care of all your project details, including resources, budget, schedules, tasks, and milestone monitoring. When you engage a Tokara PM for your next CRM project, potential issues and complexities are identified early, risk is mitigated, and your project stays on time and on budget. How do we know CRM Project Management will deliver the business results you need? We require every PM on our team to have a minimum of 30 global CRM projects under their belts in a range of industries before we eve hire them. So whether you’re in financial services, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, utilities, or a range of other verticals, we bring your business a CRM Project Manager who knows the technology and your industry inside and out.
CRM Implementation Services | If you need to be up and running with your custom-fit business application as quickly, cost effectively, and smoothly as possible, our CRM Implementation Services Program is perfect for you. Our depth of CRM expertise means we’ve developed proven techniques for breaking down implementation projects into phases, with pre-defined processes and customization options to choose from. Whether you’re implementing a complete sales, marketing, or service solution, or wanting to take a step-wise approach, we deliver an implementation course that’s right for your unique requirements. Our CRM implementation experts draw on a proven methodology based on hundreds of successful implementations. We’ll work closely with you to identify your critical first steps and support you through an implementation course that fits your business.
CRM Integration Services | We know CRM. We also know CRM systems deliver exponentially greater business value when they’re integrated with your other business software, such as financial and accounting packages, mobile applications, and/or other front and back office systems. Our team of CRM integration specialists works with standard enterprise application integration and middleware tools to build each of our customers the system-to-system integrations required to keep their information flowing and accessible when and where it’s needed.
CRM Customization Services | It’s our experience that CRM systems rarely fit your business directly out-of-the-box. So whether you’re customizing your system for the first time, or ensuring your existing system is keeping step with changing business needs, our CRM Customization Services assess your current application and business processes and identify opportunities to adapt your applications to the unique requirements of your business so you see the results you need from your technology investment. Our expert customization consultants will provide the support you need to ensure your CRM systems are in step with your business, increasing efficiencies, effectiveness, and user satisfaction.
CRM Upgrade Services | Whether you’re looking to take advantage of new features offered on the latest platform or to move up from an old software version to stay current with support, it’s time to consider how new technology can better deliver the results you need. We can make the process simple and painless. When making the leap from old to new, a huge consideration is the impact the change will have on your current technology: What will it take to make a successful upgrade? What will happen to your customizations and integration points? What will the impact on users be? Shawn Grant, Tokara’s President, is our resident upgrade expert, delivering 200+ CRM upgrades over the course of his career. He leads our team of skilled upgrade consultants, working closely with each customer to understand their specific upgrade objectives and create upgrade plans to fit their budget and requirements. Click for details.
CRM Performance Health Check Services | Over time, CRM software systems simply don’t keep running at their peak performance without some attention. We understand that keeping up with the demand for high-performance applications is a challenge for many organizations, so we’ve made it simple with our Pivotal CRM Performance Health Check services. Our Performance Health Check consultants will help you keep your business-critical applications running at full speed, delivering maximum value to your organization. Whether you’re looking to keep forms loading quickly, tune up mobile device synchronization, or speed network traffic, Tokara ensures your applications are performing at maximum efficiency, with the highest levels of application performance and optimal end-user productivity.