Managed Private
Cloud Solutions

Reduce or redirect IT resources and hardware costs,
knowing your applications are running safely and efficiently—
all the benefits of a private cloud with none of the headaches.

Managed Private Cloud Solutions

Our Managed Private Cloud Services give your business all the benefits of its own private cloud solution without any of the headaches. Our trained and certified IT team sets up, manages, and maintains your cloud solution with services that simplify access to applications and reduce the day-to-day IT tasks required to keep your applications running smoothly and efficiently.

Clients who migrate their on-premise applications to our Managed Private Cloud Solutions dramatically reduce both their need for IT resources and the costs associated with equipment and power.

Managed Private Cloud Services

Our fully trained, certified, and experienced system engineers provide mission-critical IT support, managing your server infrastructure, the backup, and data recovery, as well as the connection to your hosted system.

Hardware, DB, network, DNS setup
Ongoing application servicing
Data & access management
Average 99% uptime
24×7 ‘system down’ support
Server setup & optimization
No initial or ongoing server costs

Salesforce, Pivotal & Marketo Cloud Services

Benefit from faster implementation times by having your Salesforce, Pivotal, Saratoga CRM or MarketFirst applications hosted using a Managed Private Cloud Solution. Rest assured that these applications can be up and running within days on dedicated servers, so you can quickly benefit from your application investment, the reduced hardware and maintenance costs, and the additional on demand capacity. For network safety and the protection of sensitive information, Managed Private Cloud access and connections are handled through secure VPN tunnels and multi-tiered security layers.

Partner with Tokara

We bring clients managed hosting, cloud solutions, and Microsoft Exchange/Sharepoint hosting so they can:

Mitigate the cost and risk of owning, installing, maintaining & upgrading their application infrastructure
Simplify applications management & maintenance
Experience fully customizable configurations
Reduce budget & human resources strains on IT departments
Enjoy systems maintained & monitored 24x7x365
Experience guaranteed reliability, security, & performance
Experience dedicated technical support & customer service

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