To join our team—
bring your 'A' game.

Every client trusts us to deliver tangible business results.
Success for us means success for them.
There are no exceptions.

Team & Technologies
that Build Relationship

Our team and the technologies we specialize in are all about people and connections—how businesses can better build the authentic, high-value relationships that will lead to sustainable profit and growth. These are the outcomes we are fully committed to delivering for our clients.

We rarely post specific job opportunities—because we’re always in the market for talented, experienced senior CRM consultants and project managers who fully 'fit' with who we are, and how we deliver the very best business outcomes for our clients. Our rigorous requirements for technical excellence are just our baseline. Our core principles define and differentiate us—communication, connection, relationship, integrity, and excellence.

Senior CRM Consultant

All of our CRM consultants have extensive hands-on experience in design and customization of CRM or marketing automation solutions. They are ‘customer-obsessed’ trusted advisors with the judgement and professional etiquette needed to help define objectives and delivery plans, conduct technical requirements analyses, and design superior technical solutions.

Senior CRM Project Manager

Nearly all of our CRM Project Managers have 5+ years of strong project management experience in CRM or marketing automation. They are flexible, articulate, organized, and collaborative—they have a deep understanding of the client’s environment, business rules, and requirements. They know what needs to be done and actively ensure our teams meet or exceed client expectations.

What's important to you?
What defines you?

If you're interested in joining our team, these are the real questions—and will you fit with our culture of transparency, relationship, value, and trust? If the attributes below sound 'just like you,' we'd love to talk to you about joining our team!

Extreme CRM Expertise

Every one of our consultants and engineers has at least 7 years of CRM experience and 30 successful implementations, but most of us have 10+ years of experience and track records of 50+ implementations.

Relentless about Results

Our CRM consulting and engineering teams bring the requisite technical depth and years of industry expertise to deliver the end-to-end, ‘people-first’ solutions that create business value for each individual client.

Passion for 'People-First'

We use CRM and other ‘people-first’ technologies to help you build personalized connections with the people you want to reach—bolstering engagement, trust, and undisruptable long-term value.

True Honest Brokers

We don’t believe your business should be retro-fitted to match a solution. So whether it’s Salesforce, Pivotal, Marketo, QlikView, or LivePerson—our consultants craft the very best solution, just for you.

Accelerating our clients'
time to business value

We help our customers connect with their customers—we need team members eager to harness CRM and other people-first' technologies to create the irresistible experiences that drive profit and growth.

These are our specialties—if they inspire you too,

we'd love to talk to you.

Know Where to Start.

  CRM Evaluations

While most clients know precisely the outcomes their business needs to achieve, most are also less certain about the current state of their technology (functioning with their people and processes), or how to compare and evaluate potentially competing solutions with regard to ‘best fit’ for achieving the business results they’re looking for. That’s where we come in.

Think Big Picture.

  CRM Strategy & Planning

We know the best outcomes are achieved when clients are able to integrate and optimize the mix of people, processes, and technologies they’ve invested in to reach their unique business goals. That’s why the Tokara team works hand-in-hand with clients to define strategy that aligns their existing and new assets and priorities with the results they need to achieve.

Act as Trusted Advisor.

  CRM Consulting

At the center of every engagement is consulting. And because we partner with the leading ‘people-centric’ software companies (Salesforce, Marketo, QlikView, etc.), we are able to truly act as trusted advisors and honest brokers to our clients—designing the best solution using the best technologies for their unique requirements and use cases.

Have a Bias for Action.

  CRM Implementations

Implementation transforms strategy into business value. So whether our clients want to migrate from legacy software, implement a new technology from the ground up, or even buy themselves some time by bridging the gap between the old and new, our technical depth means the solution we implement will maximize their return on technology investment.

Make It Personal.

  CRM Customizations

We always start by ensuring clients can access all the standard functionality a technology offers, but when unique business requirements demand a bit of code tweaking to perfect the alignment between the client’s needs and what the technology delivers, our developers are available for any needed customizations.

Deliver Reinforcements.

  CRM Staffing

At the end of the day, customer enablement is why we’re here—and we know what the client needs is rarely ‘one size fits all.’ So whether they’d like us to transfer knowledge through on-site training of an individual or a team, or simply to put one or more of our own team members with specialized skills in place for a period of time, we’re ready to make it happen.

We love what we do. We're good at it, and we have fun.

But the only measure of our success is client success.

Are you good with that?

Average Years in
CRM Consulting
Number of CRM
Customer Experience
Service Rating
Average Years in
Tech Consulting

"Companies in the early stages of digital transformation demonstrate—
almost without exception—talent gaps that will need to be filled using
appropriately-skilled contingent workers or contractors to effectively
move them forward ... as they work in parallel to develop talent from within."

—MIT Sloan School of Management, "Moving Digital Transformation Forward"

Oh, and we don't take ourselves too seriously.

This is important. We believe crafting perfectly tailored CRM solutions to meet clients' requirements is a creative undertaking. We also believe we deliver our best solutions when technical excellence is coupled with the freedom to be creative— and have fun.


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