Apps that Appeal: Why Data is the Most Important Factor in Your Next Design

By | CRM Consulting, Salesforce CRM


Whether you’re vastly familiar with the Salesforce AppExchange or have only recently dipped your toes in the water of the CRM software and all the features it has to offer, the resource remains a valuable tool for companies to access, create, share, and sell custom apps designed to make business processes easier and employee tasks more manageable. With thousands of enterprise and small-business apps designed for a variety of Salesforce uses, the AppExchange is the world’s leading business app marketplace. It’s also a powerful way for marketers, publishers, and app developers to gain recognition and experience, turn a profit, and expand into new territories.

Yet, understanding exactly how to proceed can be challenging. With so many apps available, standing out requires creating a solution that creatively meets a business need in a way that’s not only different from competitors, but sets your solution apart and urges users to peruse your other offerings. Read More