Keeping it Personal: The Power of Big Data Analytics to Transform the Customer Experience

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022216_TS_BLOG_BIGDATAANALYTICS_MAIN_V3The path-to-purchase these days is rarely linear. Rather, customers often take a multi-directional route as they interact with brands through various platforms and channels before reaching their final check-out destination. The impetus behind this change of pace: mobile and digital technology, and the opportunity it affords companies to create meaningful, 1:1 relationships with the clients they serve. As a result, interested customers are no longer limited to walking into a physical, brick-and-mortar storefront to purchase the goods and services they need. Now, they can simply hop on their smart phone, tablet, or other device for instant access to myriad options that fit the bill.

Such innovation not only benefits your core audience—it also poses incredible growth opportunity for your business, primarily by allowing the capture of key profile data that can be leveraged to drive improved performance and more targeted campaigns. From statistics on abandoned online “shopping cart” rates to click counts that monitor the various paths of activity as individuals peruse digital offerings, the amount and level of data available is virtually endless, and a majority of it can be used to help companies create contextual, customized interactions that clients crave—for example, think of Amazon’s “customers who bought this also bought this” outreach method, and the amount of add-on sales it generates. Read More

Advanced Analytics: Big Data, Business Intelligence, and How CRM Helps Make Sense of It All

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110315_TS_BLOG_ADV_ANALYTICSMore data means more opportunity, but only if it’s tracked, captured and studied in ways that result in actionable insights for your company. To this end, Salesforce’s new report, the 2015 State of Analytics, delves into how successful companies make the most of every interaction, tracking and studying insights gathered across the Internet of Things (IoT), then using this knowledge to drive more informed business decisions, profitable bottom lines, and stronger partnerships.

In a survey of more than 2,000 business leaders, directors, and executives worldwide, Salesforce uncovered key trends that separate top performing companies from the rest, all dealing with the priority and strategy they placed on data analytics. The good news is that by leveraging your proven CRM system, the primary steps are already in place to capture and retain the information that’s the most valuable to your company. Take a look at these next tips to uncover ways to ensure you’re maximizing your potential to turn data into deliverables: Read More

Better Branding: How CRM Helps Companies Deliver the Messages Customers Want

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102715_TS_BLOG_BETTER_BRANDINGWe’re living in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), where customers and brands have more opportunity than ever to interact, exchange ideas, and work together to establish and maintain loyalty. Yet, channeling this freedom into true profitability requires delivering content and experiences that are tailored directly to what customers want, when they want it, and how they want it delivered.

In a nutshell, this means more than inundating them with digital messages just because the technology exists. Instead, a successful marketing strategy requires listening to your customers, then turning that knowledge and insight into dynamic, unique, and one-of-a-kind marketing that turns their heads without making them roll their eyes. Read More

Facts First: The Incredible Future of Machine Learning and Data Science and How to Get Ahead of the Trends

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In the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) where data is created, curated, organized, and tracked across an endless number of devices, keeping up with it all is an art. For forward-thinking organizations, it’s also a science.

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These days, advanced analytics can reveal an incredible amount of information about a company, from the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to consumer trends and purchasing habits, all of which can be leveraged to create stronger, more effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities. In fact, Salesforce reveals that 70% of sales leaders believe better data would help them win more deals and more than 85% have admitted to missing sales opportunities as a result of information overload. Read More

A Connected CRM Enterprise: Leveraging Business Intelligence to Define a Consistent Omnichannel Experience

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Connected CRM Enterprise
The saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” has perhaps never rang truer than in today’s digitally driven, always-on world, where brands are clamoring for attention amid a web of similar offerings, and a powerful initial impact is essential to standing out from the competition. Whereas traditional customer engagement centered solely on face-to-face interaction fueled by in-person nuances such as voice inflection and gestures to set the tone, communicating across today’s Internet of Things (IoT) requires transforming your company’s message across multiple channels to reach your intended audience, and staying personal, relevant, and engaging requires an online presence as dynamic and compelling as your in-store persona.

Business Intelligence: Leveraging Insights to Attract and Retain

Key to maintaining a consistent and reliable customer experience across the IoT is capturing and leveraging business intelligence insights to drive more effective interactions. To this end, a robust CRM system enables sales, service, and marketing teams to not only engage with prospects and clients within the environments and devices they prefer, but to also track and analyze customer buying patterns, shopping preferences, and purchasing trends to provide more tailored and targeted support. Read More

Strategic Engagement: How Digital Marketing and CRM Work Hand-in-Hand to Direct the Customer Journey

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CRM Customer MomentAs technological innovation continues to evolve, the resources available to digital marketers are undoubtedly expanded. Across myriad channels, including e-mail, mobile, web, and in-store transactions, potential for engagement is everywhere we look. Yet, sometimes the greatest tool to build brand loyalty and encourage repeat business isn’t a simply a device, but rather—a moment.

Known as “customer moments”, every time a prospect or client interacts with your company provides valuable opportunity to gain more detail into the psyche of your users. By capturing and analyzing these interactions, your marketing teams can discern how audiences interact with your brand, what drives them to return, and how to tailor your marketing strategies to attract and retain the customer base most important to your organization. These insights can then be funneled across departments, so every employee, from sales to customer service, is equipped with the knowledge and resources required to drive more effective and engaging customer engagement. Read More

A Customer-First Approach: Leveraging Data Science to Gain Valuable Business Intelligence and Drive More Effective CRM Interactions

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As technology grows in capability and breadth, information output is consequently greater, and in today’s era of the Internet of Things, where uncountable devices and systems across the globe are interconnected, this means one thing: an enormous amount of Big Data. In fact, recent research by the IDC predicts that by 2020, there will be nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe, and data created and copied will reach 44 zettabytes (44 trillion gigabytes).

While this statistic is staggering, it also presents a valuable opportunity for businesses around the world to capture and capitalize on the insights and observations granted by the devices we use and depend on every day. For companies deploying CRM solutions, the potential is especially great—smarter devices and more strategic analyses mean customer relationships are strengthened, marketing efforts are more direct, and service levels are unparalleled. Read More

Predictive Intelligence: CRM Data Analytics Drive More Meaningful Customer Engagements

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and evolve, consumers are more connected than ever, transferring information over vast networks without the limits of time or space, and leveraging this capability to communicate with each other and manufacturers to voice their opinions and share their experiences—directly influencing brand loyalty in the process.

While such exchanges provide ample opportunity for customers to glean audience insights, purchase preferences, and buying trends, organizing such inputs is no simple task, chiefly because there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated daily. Read More

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Maximize the Impact of Existing Campaigns & Fine Tune with Powerful Analytics

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Nurtures Client Relationships

As noted in last week’s blog posting, the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud enables you to create new, dynamic, personalized marketing content with just a few clicks. But just as important, it also helps you maximize the impact of your existing campaigns, including static websites, and to optimize campaign effectiveness using data gained from the solution’s analytics capability.

The powerful analytical tools in Salesforce Marketing Cloud provide insight on your customers’ page activities, including how long they visit your site, what products or services they click on, and how often they return. Your team can then use this knowledge to design individual profiles and personalized product recommendations based on user preference. Read More

Marketo Partner Tokara Underscores Power of Inbound Marketing

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As most of you have discovered, Tokara Solutions has broadened the scope of its professional services consulting around marketing automation by becoming a Marketo partner. As an Agency partner, our CRM, business intelligence, and marketing automation consultants are now able to bring you all the benefits of Marketo, an industry leader in marketing automation software, ranking for consecutive years in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Lead Management.

To refine our readers’ understanding around the range of benefits Marketo offers to companies who make use of its marketing automation software, this blog series is exploring some of the features this technology offers to enable you to quickly and easily get the most out of your marketing efforts – minimizing the effort required to achieve maximum sales and marketing results. In this post, we’ll focus on inbound marketing services.

Marketo Inbound Marketing Read More