CRM Change Management: Why People and Processes are as Important as Technology

By | CRM Consulting

040816_TS_BLOG_CRMChangeMGMTThe decision to invest in a CRM software solution is often made with great thought and consideration toward how the new system will affect current operations. From outside consultations to internal executive meetings, discussion occurs on how to best utilize the new tool to optimize the current business environment—and whether that entails a complete overhaul of existing legacy systems or simply integrating the software into existing and proven processes, the dialogue is still a necessary component of a successful (and seamless) technology project.

In partnership with CustomerThink, a global online community of business leaders, Forrester recently ran a survey that explored exactly what makes a CRM implementation successful. Is it investing in the right hardware and software? Or rather, is it improving employee training initiatives to make sure everyone is up to speed on how to use the new solution? Turns out, it’s both: The process of adapting to the new business environment afforded by a CRM solution is known as change management, and the success of each new project hinges on how well this process incorporates both technology, as well as the people and processes that center around it. Read More