Closing the Loop: How CRM Helps Retailers Boost Long-Term Customer Engagement and Retention

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Knowing your customer base is undoubtedly an essential first step in any retail operation. Without a deep and multifaceted understanding of exactly who comprises your audience, what drives their purchasing decisions, and what they’re looking for out of a brand, it can be next to impossible to see long-term and sustainable business growth. However, while much effort is focused—for good reason—on researching this cause, identification is only the first step in a successful (and profitable) customer relationship.

In its 20152 CRM/Unified Commerce Survey, retail consulting firm Boston Retail Partners (BRP) detailed the foundation of a “closed-loop system” that begins with customer identification, then segues seamlessly into customer engagement, analysis, and retention. However, the process is far from linear. Rather than stopping at retention, retailers are urged to perform consistent research into customer understanding and identification, enabling retailers to build upon each relationship by repeating the four steps. In a similar vein, top North American retailers are taking a similar approach to their CRM investments, prioritizing the actions that drive this cycle, and planning ahead to ensure steps are in place to keep it spinning for years to come. Read More

Completing the Circle: Building Loyalty through Exceptional Support

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041916_TS_BLOG_CustomerLoyaltySupportYou may already know that providing an effortless and seamless customer experience is crucial to cultivating the type of long-term, repeat loyalty necessary to sustain a brand. Yet, while efforts are often tightly concentrated in the sales and project phases, with employees doing all they can to secure new business and ensure client satisfaction while on-site, one essential element remains—that of superior-level customer support. Fielding troubleshooting requests, answering questions, and mending faulty parts might come at the end of the customer journey, but it’s a final step that, when performed correctly (or incorrectly), can make all the difference in whether or not a client decides to call on your business in the future. Read More

Customer-Centric: Top Industry Predictions for Customer Service in 2016, and the Big Role of CRM

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021616_TS_BLOG_CRMCUSTSERVICEWe’re more than a month into the new year, and with new beginnings come renewed priorities, refreshed commitments—and reinforced expectations. While gym and health club memberships can certainly attest to this, another industry experiencing an overhaul as we flip the calendar page is that of customer service. As technology grows, customers and brands are becoming more connected, and simultaneously, ensuring a stellar service interaction is becoming significantly more important. Consider the implications of social media on a company’s reputation—a positive Facebook review, tweet, or LinkedIn recommendation can result in incredible word of mouth-related revenue, while the opposite rings equally true for negative ones.

At the root of customer service lies a powerful and robust CRM system—one capable of storing volumes of customer data that can be retrieved by service reps with a single click, so no matter who contacts them, they’re ready with the most specific, up-to-date intelligence on their past or ongoing project, most recent purchase, or latest inquiry, allowing them to speak confidently and accurately on almost any issue. Read More