Mining for Gold: Data Cleansing Strategies for Maximizing BI Insights and Potential

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There’s a reason it’s called Big Data—the intelligence gathered across the plethora of interactions performed across the Internet of Things (IoT) is massive. While its potential for business transformation is equally huge, sorting through it all can be challenging, especially when integrating information from multiple legacy systems into a centralized CRM portal.

The result? Data integrity often drops, affecting work performance across the enterprise, and while such incidents are risky, they’re hardly isolated. In fact, according to a recent industry survey, 60 percent of IT leaders believe their organizations lack accountability for data quality. Read More

Leaving the Legacy: Strategies and Tips to Make Data Integration Seamless and Successful Across the Enterprise

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Leaving Legacy CRM

In almost every business, an exorbitant amount of data is generated, shared, saved, and transferred at any given time. While this has proven true for decades, and especially in the Information Age, the recent boom of the Internet of Things (IoT) means that our capacity to create and disseminate data has been enormously proliferated. We can now accumulate information from across the globe, and send it just as far. From social networking to wearables and every smart device in between, we’re immersed in the opportunity to absorb content every single day.

While at the onset this influx can seem overwhelming, it also provides unparalleled opportunity. Never before have we been afforded such visibility into our core audience’s preferences, been able to connect with them so effortlessly and meaningfully, and then been able to leverage and analyze these insights to drive more effective and personal business communication in the future. The key in making sure your data is working for you is storing it all on a centralized CRM database, ensuring that no matter where in the world your employees or customers are, your data is accessible, useful, and actionable when and where you need it. Read More

Making the Most of CRM Data Migration: Key Considerations for Successful CRM Integrations

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With more and more businesses opting for the accessibility and flexibility of cloud-based CRM applications like, our CRM consulting team sees every day that critical migration and integration considerations are helping to determine whether users are able to achieve maximum benefit from their CRM system of choice.

Tokara's CRM Consultants Facilitate Data Migration

Step 1: Ensure a Great Data Migration

While part of the appeal of SaaS-based CRM systems like Salesforce is ease of use for the people who ultimately adopt it, migrating the necessary data into and out of both on-premise and cloud-enabled applications can be a daunting process for the uninitiated. And like most complex projects, success at the end of a CRM migration or integration engagement depends heavily on how well foundational tasks like data migration have been conducted. Read More

Pivotal CRM and Document Management Options Enhance Database Performance

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At Tokara, our team of Pivotal CRM consultants is constantly looking at new ways to increase the ‘connection’ of our clients to their own prospects and customers, as well as the connection among their own internal teams. We know that in making the decision to use and invest in a robust business technology like Pivotal CRM, they have powerful and flexible connection tools at their disposal, and we make sure they also have access to every other piece of functionality they might need, all from within their Pivotal CRM system. This could include functionality such as business intelligence, marketing automation, or user experience enhancements.

In addition to ensuring this ‘connection’ at all levels, we also do everything we can to ensure all of these tools (but especially clients’ Pivotal CRM systems) are running at peak performance levels. This area of our business includes things like our Pivotal Performance Health Checks, and the topic of last week’s post – eliminating database ‘clutter’ that can impede the performance of clients’ Pivotal CRM systems. Read More