Right On Target: Leveraging Creative Content for Successful E-mail Campaigns

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122915_TS_BLOG_RIGHTONTARGETIt can be a predicament: The end of December is quickly approaching, and you want to let your customers, prospects, and partners know you’re thinking about them—and leaving a good impression going into the new year is always a good thing. To that end, what’s one of the quickest ways to reach a mass audience? E-mail marketing. Yet, how often do we let e-mails pile up before tackling them? Or how often do we click through our inbox, selecting several to delete, without truly taking the time to read each one carefully? Pretty often, if we’re being honest.

So the question remains: How can you create an e-mail campaign that’s equally eye-catching and practically screams “read me!” while still remaining true to your brand and not inundating your most valuable assets with yet another message to sort through? The answer is relatively simple—creative content. Today, that means more than flashy clip art or even a catchy subject line. What recipients crave now is personalization—tailored recommendations, information, and suggestions that let them know they’re not just another e-mail address in a database, but that they’re important, valued parts of your company. Read More

E-Mail with an Edge: The Innovative Ways CRM Can Help Maximize Digital Campaign ROI

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While the Internet of Things (IoT) affords new and innovative opportunities for customer communication including push notifications across mobile and even wearable devices, some traditional campaign approaches, such as e-mail marketing, are here to stay, strengthened and supplemented by today’s technological advances.

A longstanding staple for business contact, e-mail continues to provide unparalleled opportunities to reach and connect with prospects and clients. In fact, research predicts that by 2016, there will be 4.6 million e-mail accounts, and according to Forrester, 89 percent of marketers count e-mail as their primary channel for lead generation. However, while potential is ripe for visibility, ensuring your messages is read and acted upon, not immediately deleted, requires tailoring it specifically to each customer, and central to this approach is an in-depth knowledge of buying patterns, shopping preferences, activity history, and more—information made more accessible and readily available via powerful CRM integration. Read More

Marketo Partner Tokara Outlines Benefits of Email Marketing

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For anyone who missed last week’s post, Tokara Solutions is now a Marketo partner, broadening our depth of expertise and offerings in marketing automation, and bringing our clients an even broader array of technology designed to yield the sales and marketing results they need. As a Marketo partner, our CRM and marketing automation consultants are able to bring you all the benefits of Marketo, an industry leader in marketing automation software, ranking for consecutive years in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Lead Management.

With that said, let’s begin our primer on some of the features and functionality that come with Marketo’s marketing automation software and talk a little bit about the benefits of one of the most powerful tools in any marketer’s arsenal — email marketing.

Marketo Email Marketing Read More