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Data that Delivers: Creating a Clean Data Strategy Centered on Robust Predictive Analysis and CRM Engagement

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In last week’s post, we discussed the importance of leveraging business intelligence/analytics (BI/BA) tools to extract quality client data that can be used to drive stronger customer engagement and boost brand loyalty and identity. As organizations seek to increase their analytical investments in the upcoming year, many may be wondering how to integrate such processes into their existing CRM systems. The good news is the tools you already have in place to store and manage customer data can easily be customized to align with BI/BA insights. To maximize your investments in both CRM and BI/BA resources, the key is to maintain a centralized, focused data strategy centered on clean, actionable data—information that can be directly applied to your business goals and is free of conflicting, misinterpreted or unusable statistics.

Clean Data Strategies Center on Predicative Analysis Read More

Data Drives the Enterprise: Investments in Analytics Lead to Richer Digital Experiences

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The rise of the digital age means it’s easier than ever now for organizations to find, engage, and stay connected with prospects and customers. Across a myriad of channels and on a vast variety of devices, companies are now allowed an inside look into the shopping preferences, online activities, buying patterns, and social interactions of their client base. Today’s post focuses on the importance of using Business Intelligence/Business Analytics (BI/BIA) tools to capture and analyze quality data from such interactions, leading to actionable insights and useful process changes that drive business outcomes aligned with organizational goals.

Analytical Tools Drive CRM Investments Read More

Tokara Team Turns Challenge to Victory with Innovative Pivotal EMS/Office 365 Solution

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Tokara Delivers Aptean EMS/Office 365 Integration

In last week’s post, we provided the background on a challenge presented by one of our clients, a leading pharmaceutical company who wanted to realize its goal of Email Management Service (EMS) capability driven by Microsoft Office 365 and the Pivotal 6.0 CRM. The challenge of course was that Pivotal EMS was not compatible with Office 365, and had no clear timeline by which that integration would be natively possible.

Tokara’s team of seasoned CRM engineers, led by Director of System Engineering Hector Santos, quickly went to work researching a solution that would allow the required integration. After significant research and testing, Santos selected an open-source, multi-platform third-party application that provides Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) tunneling services. The application was configured to allow SSL connections and tunnels to Office 365 from the Pivotal CRM application, allowing the customer to successfully implement EMS. Read More

Pivotal EMS and Microsoft Office 365 Pose Challenge for Tokara Client

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Tokara Solves Aptean EMS and Microsoft Office 365 Integration Challenge

At Tokara Solutions, we know it’s not just our expertise that gives the company the reputation we have, but our genuine commitment to the customer and to delivering the business results the customer needs. We’re well versed in going the extra mile to design custom solutions tailored to our clients’ unique and specific business needs and crafted to work within the parameters of their internal processes.

Recently, we had the opportunity to develop a personalized CRM integration approach for a client in the pharmaceutical industry that highlights the commitment and ingenuity of our engineering and development team, as well as the emphasis we place on developing strong partnerships that continue past project completion. Read More

Ensuring Flawless Integration for Cloud-Based Apps

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As one of the top IT trends, cloud computing brings with it opportunities for a variety of solutions that boast greater flexibility and access, lower cost, faster deployment time, and less complicated upgrades, as compared with their on-premise counterparts. In fact, it’s difficult to read much on current practices without seeing statistics like this one:

“73% are reallocating funds from on-premise budgets to cloud-based initiatives.”[1]

Integrating Cloud-Based Applications

So whether our clients are looking at Software as a Service (SaaS) applications like Salesforce CRM or Platform as a Service (PaaS) technologies like, we want to provide them with the tools they need to achieve flawless integration among these solutions, along with the other cloud-based and on-premise applications they need every day.

Whichever solutions they choose, the business requires accurate data, across the cloud (and on premise), and synchronization of that data to all the places it’s needed, to be accessed by everyone who needs it – and this is as critical as the solution you choose. Read More

Making the Most of CRM Data Migration: Key Considerations for Successful CRM Integrations

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With more and more businesses opting for the accessibility and flexibility of cloud-based CRM applications like, our CRM consulting team sees every day that critical migration and integration considerations are helping to determine whether users are able to achieve maximum benefit from their CRM system of choice.

Tokara's CRM Consultants Facilitate Data Migration

Step 1: Ensure a Great Data Migration

While part of the appeal of SaaS-based CRM systems like Salesforce is ease of use for the people who ultimately adopt it, migrating the necessary data into and out of both on-premise and cloud-enabled applications can be a daunting process for the uninitiated. And like most complex projects, success at the end of a CRM migration or integration engagement depends heavily on how well foundational tasks like data migration have been conducted. Read More

Salesforce and Pivotal CRM Staff Augmentation Services Fit Client Requirements Like a Glove

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Get Salesforce or Pivotal CRM resources for exactly the job and time period you need using Tokara’s Staff Augmentation services – pay just for what you need to get the project done without the overhead costs of adding full time employees (FTE).

Tokara's Staff Augmentation Services

Whether you’re looking for a system administrator or high-level CRM developer, there’s no team in the industry with more experience, and with CRM Staff Augmentation services, Tokara provides precisely what you need to ensure your project is successful, on time, on budget, and well-adopted by your user base. With 10+ years of top-tier CRM experience and significant industry depth, each of our available CRM team members know Salesforce and Pivotal inside and out, along with associated solutions you might be integrating them with, such as marketing automation, business intelligence, customer experience management and more! Read More

Account Management in Pivotal CRM Sales Force Automation

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For Pivotal CRM users who require maximum visibility and robust, flexible account management capabilities in their businesses, today’s post dives into just what you get with Pivotal CRM Sales Force Automation.

As the leading Pivotal CRM partners in North America, the team at Tokara Solutions knows how powerful Pivotal CRM is in delivering sales and marketing results for our clients. But we also find that often our clients may be less familiar with some of the other capabilities that might also prove valuable to their businesses. To that end, this week’s post examines some of the aspects of Pivotal’s Account Management capability that users may want to know more about. Read More

Sales Force Automation: Pivotal CRM in Action

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If you’re a Pivotal CRM user who’s thought about everything sales force automation can deliver for your business, we want to make sure you have the whole story and don’t miss any of the powerful features Pivotal CRM offers in this space.

As the leading Pivotal CRM partners in North America, the team at Tokara Solutions sees every day how powerful and robust Pivotal CRM is in delivering sales and marketing results for our clients. But one thing we also frequently find is that in a tool with such an immense range of functionality, clients tend to focus on features they use every day, and may be less familiar with some of the other capabilities that might also prove valuable to their businesses. Read More

Pivotal CRM and Document Management Options Enhance Database Performance

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At Tokara, our team of Pivotal CRM consultants is constantly looking at new ways to increase the ‘connection’ of our clients to their own prospects and customers, as well as the connection among their own internal teams. We know that in making the decision to use and invest in a robust business technology like Pivotal CRM, they have powerful and flexible connection tools at their disposal, and we make sure they also have access to every other piece of functionality they might need, all from within their Pivotal CRM system. This could include functionality such as business intelligence, marketing automation, or user experience enhancements.

In addition to ensuring this ‘connection’ at all levels, we also do everything we can to ensure all of these tools (but especially clients’ Pivotal CRM systems) are running at peak performance levels. This area of our business includes things like our Pivotal Performance Health Checks, and the topic of last week’s post – eliminating database ‘clutter’ that can impede the performance of clients’ Pivotal CRM systems. Read More