Sell Smarter: The Advertising Trends and Innovations That Will Shape 2016

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010515_TS_SELL_SMARTERWith a new year comes new possibilities, fresh ideas, and a commitment to doing things just a little bit better—or at least with a different perspective—this time around. This is especially true in advertising, an industry devoted to capturing consumer attention spans, the majority of which are no longer than a commercial jingle. With so much innovation, product development, and promotion hitting the market today, standing out can be a challenge, and requires that brands truly know the audience they’re going after, as well as the solution they’re supporting.

To this end, Salesforce recently released some of the top advertising trends set to impact the industry in the coming months. Let’s take a look at some strategies to remember: Read More

Advanced Analytics: Big Data, Business Intelligence, and How CRM Helps Make Sense of It All

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110315_TS_BLOG_ADV_ANALYTICSMore data means more opportunity, but only if it’s tracked, captured and studied in ways that result in actionable insights for your company. To this end, Salesforce’s new report, the 2015 State of Analytics, delves into how successful companies make the most of every interaction, tracking and studying insights gathered across the Internet of Things (IoT), then using this knowledge to drive more informed business decisions, profitable bottom lines, and stronger partnerships.

In a survey of more than 2,000 business leaders, directors, and executives worldwide, Salesforce uncovered key trends that separate top performing companies from the rest, all dealing with the priority and strategy they placed on data analytics. The good news is that by leveraging your proven CRM system, the primary steps are already in place to capture and retain the information that’s the most valuable to your company. Take a look at these next tips to uncover ways to ensure you’re maximizing your potential to turn data into deliverables: Read More

A Customer-First Approach: Leveraging Data Science to Gain Valuable Business Intelligence and Drive More Effective CRM Interactions

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As technology grows in capability and breadth, information output is consequently greater, and in today’s era of the Internet of Things, where uncountable devices and systems across the globe are interconnected, this means one thing: an enormous amount of Big Data. In fact, recent research by the IDC predicts that by 2020, there will be nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe, and data created and copied will reach 44 zettabytes (44 trillion gigabytes).

While this statistic is staggering, it also presents a valuable opportunity for businesses around the world to capture and capitalize on the insights and observations granted by the devices we use and depend on every day. For companies deploying CRM solutions, the potential is especially great—smarter devices and more strategic analyses mean customer relationships are strengthened, marketing efforts are more direct, and service levels are unparalleled. Read More

2014 Highlights from Salesforce: Customer-Focused Innovation and Development in CRM and Cloud Computing

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2014 Salesforce Highlights Focus on Customer Data

The closing of one year and the promise of a new one right around the corner makes the last week of December a prime time for reflection. Taking stock of the innovations and technologies that defined this year creates a fertile ground for discussing and brainstorming what’s next—whether that means fine-tuning existing applications, creating entirely new designs, or a little of both.

On October 13-16, Salesforce held its 12th annual Dreamforce event, a massive live and online conference that celebrated recent innovations in CRM and cloud computing technology, with a pointed look toward the future and new areas of focus that will help define 2015. A virtual “Best of Salesforce,” the event served as a prime backdrop for two major new product announcements: Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Wave, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, the next generation of solutions for the Salesforce1 Platform, designed to make it easier than ever to capture, track, and review customer data and monitor team performance. Read More

Data that Delivers: Creating a Clean Data Strategy Centered on Robust Predictive Analysis and CRM Engagement

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In last week’s post, we discussed the importance of leveraging business intelligence/analytics (BI/BA) tools to extract quality client data that can be used to drive stronger customer engagement and boost brand loyalty and identity. As organizations seek to increase their analytical investments in the upcoming year, many may be wondering how to integrate such processes into their existing CRM systems. The good news is the tools you already have in place to store and manage customer data can easily be customized to align with BI/BA insights. To maximize your investments in both CRM and BI/BA resources, the key is to maintain a centralized, focused data strategy centered on clean, actionable data—information that can be directly applied to your business goals and is free of conflicting, misinterpreted or unusable statistics.

Clean Data Strategies Center on Predicative Analysis Read More

Data Drives the Enterprise: Investments in Analytics Lead to Richer Digital Experiences

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The rise of the digital age means it’s easier than ever now for organizations to find, engage, and stay connected with prospects and customers. Across a myriad of channels and on a vast variety of devices, companies are now allowed an inside look into the shopping preferences, online activities, buying patterns, and social interactions of their client base. Today’s post focuses on the importance of using Business Intelligence/Business Analytics (BI/BIA) tools to capture and analyze quality data from such interactions, leading to actionable insights and useful process changes that drive business outcomes aligned with organizational goals.

Analytical Tools Drive CRM Investments Read More