New Salesforce ‘Files Connect’ Tool Brings SharePoint Files to the Cloud, Streamlining Data Sharing in Your CRM Environment

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From sales reports to presentation slide decks, your teams receive, process, organize, and store a plethora of information and documents throughout the day. Before long, their desktops, both physical and virtual, become cluttered. While always cumbersome, this issue becomes critical when employees need to share key data within their CRM system, often in time-sensitive circumstances.

Salesforce Files Connect Solves Logistic Issues with Attaching Files

While you may already be familiar with Salesforce Files, the tool that allows you to manually insert files into the CRM by copying and pasting, the new Files Connect tool makes it easier than ever to add and index files to your system—in an automated, user-friendly format that alleviates the headaches and time requirements associated with manual attachments. Read More

Pivotal CRM and Document Management Options Enhance Database Performance

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At Tokara, our team of Pivotal CRM consultants is constantly looking at new ways to increase the ‘connection’ of our clients to their own prospects and customers, as well as the connection among their own internal teams. We know that in making the decision to use and invest in a robust business technology like Pivotal CRM, they have powerful and flexible connection tools at their disposal, and we make sure they also have access to every other piece of functionality they might need, all from within their Pivotal CRM system. This could include functionality such as business intelligence, marketing automation, or user experience enhancements.

In addition to ensuring this ‘connection’ at all levels, we also do everything we can to ensure all of these tools (but especially clients’ Pivotal CRM systems) are running at peak performance levels. This area of our business includes things like our Pivotal Performance Health Checks, and the topic of last week’s post – eliminating database ‘clutter’ that can impede the performance of clients’ Pivotal CRM systems. Read More

Pivotal CRM + SharePoint Document Management Boost Database Performance

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The longer we work or live in a place, the more we accumulate. And the more we accumulate, the more cumbersome and time consuming it is to get around and find what we need. The same is true in the land of CRM, so the team at Tokara has been implementing a solution our clients love that ensures they have access to all the documents they need, right at their fingertips while at the same time enhancing the performance of their Pivotal CRM system – what could be better?

We see what we will call ‘attachment clutter’ everywhere — in nearly every Pivotal customer environment we work in. And we see some of the most extreme cases at client sites where the newest version of Pivotal may not yet be running. What exactly does it look like? It’s like a mountain of literally every conceivable type of file attachment the client has – PDFs, DOCs, XLSs and more – saved directly into their Pivotal database. With the passing of each year, the actual number of attachments increases, while at the same time the sizes of files themselves are morphing into space-sucking giants (think of the evolution and now, ubiquity, of high resolution image files or even video file sizes). Read More